SEATTLE (CBS/1090 The Fan) — Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham, who has spent the last eight months recovering from a ruptured patellar tendon, returned to the practice field Wednesday.

It’s been a long journey for Graham. Speaking about his rehabilitation, Graham told reporters he spent nearly 12 weeks with his knee completely immobilized.

“The pain was pretty terrible, that’s for sure,” he said of his initial reaction to the injury (in November 2015). “When you look down at your knee and you don’t see your knee cap, you know something’s wrong.”

“There were some dark days, you know. It’s been eight months, and it’s been a constant eight months. I’ve never been through something where every day you had to do something for it. Every day you wake up and until you go to bed you’re doing some type of rehab. And it’s been like that for me for eight months, and it’ll be like for me for another eight months. It’ll be something I’m always going to have to pay attention to and it’s a part of life now. It makes me appreciate the game even more now than I did.”

“For me and my career, I feel like a lot of things have come easy. I’ve always just been athletic and fast. And to have to learn how to walk again — you know, it’s very humbling, that’s for sure.”


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