UPDATED 7:11 p.m. September 24 (PT): The Washington State Patrol confirmed Saturday evening the Cascade Mall shooter is in custody, just over 24-hours after five people were shot and killed in a Burlington shopping center.

KIRO reporter Amy Clancy and KING 5’s Chris Ingalls are reporting police have arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the Cascade Mall shooting. 

The arrest was made in Oakharbor, Washington. According to Clancy, an officer recognized the man walking on the sidewalk and an arrest was made without incident.

UPDATE 8:32 a.m. September 24(PT): Authorities say they have recovered a rifle at the scene of the Cascade Mall shooting. The suspect is still at large, and a manhunt is underway. At this time, police do not have a name or positive identification on the suspect.

Police say the suspect appeared to enter the mall without a weapon, and walked into a Macy’s approximately ten minutes later with a rifle. There, the suspect fired multiple times and killed four women at the scene (one man died of his injuries at Harborview Medical Center).

The victims’ ages range from “teenager to senior [citizen].”

At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.

Police ask that those with tips or information on the suspect call (360) 428-3211 or email scinv@co.skagit.wa.us  


SEATTLE (CBS/AP) — The first 911 call came in just before 7 p.m. on a busy Friday night at the Cascade Mall: A man with a rifle was shooting at people in the Macy’s Department Store.

By the time police arrived moments later, the carnage at the Macy’s makeup counter was complete. Four people were dead and the shooter was gone, last seen walking toward Interstate 5. A fifth victim, a man, died in the early morning hours Saturday as police finished sweeping the 434,000-square-foot building.

“There are people waking up this morning and their world has changed forever. The city of Burlington has probably changed forever, but I don’t think our way life needs to change,” Burlington Mayor Steve Sexton said Saturday at a news conference. “This was a senseless act. It was the world knocking on our doorstep and it came into our little community.”

As the small city absorbed the news, critical questions remained, including the identity of the shooter, his motive and his whereabouts. A massive manhunt continued and police broadcast a plea for tips. The FBI said terrorism was not suspected.

The gunman was described by witnesses to police as a young Hispanic man dressed in black. Surveillance video captured him entering the mall unarmed and then recorded him about 10 minutes later entering the Macy’s with a “hunting type” rifle in his hand, Mount Vernon Police Lt. Chris Cammock said.

Authorities did not say how the suspect may have obtained the weapon – whether he retrieved it from outside or picked it up in the mall — but they believe he acted alone. The weapon was recovered at the scene.

The identities of the victims — four women who ranged in age from a teenager to a senior citizen — were withheld pending autopsies and notification of family. The identity of the man who was fatally shot was also withheld.

“Probably one of the most difficult moments for us last night was knowing that there were family members wondering about their loved ones in there,” Cammock said.

As police scrambled to find the shooter, this small city about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Seattle settled into a new and nerve-wracking reality.

The community of 8,600 people is too far from Seattle to be a commuter town, but its population swells to 55,000 during the day because of a popular outlet mall, retail stores and other businesses. Burlington is the only major retail center within 30 miles (48 kilometers) in a region where agriculture is king, said Linda Jones, the president of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

Surrounding Skagit County has deep agricultural roots and is home to families that have worked the land for generations. Farmers produce about $300 million worth of more than 90 different crops a year — a heritage that’s celebrated each October with tours of family farms that attract thousands, according to Washington State University’s agricultural extension.

Residents, rattled by the fact that the shooter was still on the loose, relied on those bonds Saturday to comfort each other at a community gathering in a city park.

“It’s too scary. It’s too close to home,” said Maria Elena Vasquez, who attended the gathering with her husband and two young children.

“I’m a little nervous even taking her to her soccer game today with this person still on the loose. But I want to keep it normal for her,” she said of her 7-year-old daughter.

Those who survived were still trying to process what happened as their community became the latest entry on a list of places known by the rest of world for mass shootings.

As the shots rang out, shoppers hid in dressing rooms and bathrooms and made hushed, terrified phone calls to relatives. One woman started running with her 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter only to slip and fall — and then watch as the shooter strode past her terrified children, KIRO-TV reported on its Twitter feed.

“We have never been so scared in our lives,” the woman texted the station.

Joanne Burkholder, 19, of nearby Mount Vernon, was watching the movie “The Magnificent Seven” in the mall’s theater when security guards came in and told them to evacuate immediately. Dozens of panicked moviegoers gathered in the hallway, and Burkholder heard screaming as the officers escorted them to safety in a parking lot.

As she drove home later, she had to pull over because she was shaking so hard, she told The Associated Press.

“I’m just very thankful for my life this morning. I’ve never been so terrified in my life,” she said Saturday, trying to hold back tears as she attended the community vigil.

“You’d think it would happen in Everett or Seattle, but a small town of Burlington, I’d never dream something like this would happen.”

The parking lot was closed Saturday and emergency management officials told people they would be able to retrieve vehicles later in the day, though the mall was shuttered.

The Cascade Mall is an enclosed shopping mall that opened in 1990. It features J.C. Penney, TJ Maxx, and Macy’s stores, among other stores, restaurants and a movie theater.

On Sept. 17, a man stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. Authorities say Dahir Ahmed Adan, 20, stabbed the people at the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud.

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  1. Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening.

    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put
    this content together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

    1. Odd how they were able to say he is hispanic so soon,especially since he doesn’t look Hispanic at all,he looks like an islamic terrorist doesn’t he?Perhaps they are waiting until after the debate to tell us the truth,Trump won’t let that happen.

      1. Tim Sarver says:

        He totally looks Hispanic, but I agree he also looks like an Arab or Persian. I would say Muslim but that’s a religion not a race.

      2. Chris Long says:

        Because the MSM doesn’t WANT him to be an Islamist. They’ll say anything to deflect from the fact he looks Middle Eastern. The MSM doesn’t WANT it to be terrorism, and will resist calling it such until no longer credible to do so.

        Total spin.

      3. Larry Longerham says:

        Probably because Skagit County (a farming community) has the 2nd highest Latino population in the state. But you’re paranoia is understood.

      4. Someone who thinks that everyone with black hair and olive skin is Hispanic might say that (they usually say Mexican, even though Hispanic is a big world). But he’s not he’s a Sunni Muslim with a uni-brow. He’s younger maybe younger than 20.It is a copy of the Somali attack in Minnesota but with a gun and no off duty copy to snuff the creep. They have the gun and his prints by now. If he is a legal resident most likely they know who he is. But they won’t release it until after the debates for political reasons. It’s like Hillary said the video was responsible for Benghazi. So he’s either a young Muslim with no driver’s license or background check or an illegal who came from the Southern border with no record. Either way Obama doesn’t want the truth to come out now.

      5. jdon48 says:

        they do not say Islamic terrorist in Washington state. ot even allowed to say “capitalism” there.

      6. Steve Connor says:

        Obama and the rest of you on the Left Coast have your head in the sand. Refusing to hurt the feelings of the other Muslims that play by the rules. This is the way it works. Blacks get pulled over for doing nothing cause their black, and blacks commit most of the crimes in the inner cities proportionately. Muslims are suspicious to us all because of the radical fringe that wants to take over the World. Hitler wanted to take over the world, the German people didnt.

        If we keep thinking this is a law enforcement issue, then why arent we enforcing the law at the southern border ? We are at war, and have been since 9/11/01. They only know strength and Obama shows them the money.

      7. Eric says:

        Thank the Lord I live in Texas where I can defend myself and family against people like him. These terrorists love going where they have a good chance of killing maximum people and where they put up a sign as you enter their state saying, “please don’t hurt us; we don’t and won’t defend ourselves.”

      8. tessa says:

        He’s more than likely in Mexico by now

      9. Alan says:

        The “Hispanic” description came from the witnesses – who see many Hispanics in daily life. Fairly likely to be true, since he’s clean-shaven.

      10. Mark Gerrard says:

        He could have been one of those ‘white hispanics’ like the media says. Besides he didnt really shoot anyone because all he had in his hands was a book! Ya know?

    2. Zeke45 says:

      Larry wrote “But you’re [sic] paranoia is understood.”


      More apt to say “your suspicion is justifiable.”

      We all know that the lying sellout so-called “mainstream” media are run by the establishment and that they have a narrative — and most astute people have a pretty good idea of the hierarchy of the points on their agenda — and the “official story” they put out is often laughably propagandist and/or vague and/or nebulous and/or deflective and/or incomplete, and so forth.

      1. Larry Longerham says:

        Good catch on the your/you’re faux pas.

        However, the msm narrative/ineptitude/agenda notwithstanding, I meant paranoia. In fact, the context of your post may be exactly why that paranoia exists. It’s also not the only place with a narrative – just look at the comments section here,

        At any rate, witnesses (allegedly) say ‘Hispanic’ in a community that is nearly 20% Hispanic and with practically no middle eastern population. I’d say the chances are pretty solid he’s Hispanic. But by all means jump to conclusions before the evidence is in. No need to let the facts get in the way of a good narrative, eh?

      2. kalil gibran says:

        Allihoo Arkbar

    3. Richard1939 says:

      A half million votes for Trump every time something like this happens No one believes that Hillary can or will try to stop these evil attacks,,,, Not politically correct!!

      1. kalil gibran says:

        There are a lot of real donkeys out there protecting the muslims. Now apologize to all hispanics and vote for Trump.

  2. Spleenicus says:

    K is for Koranimal

    1. Abdul Keddou says:

      Clearly looks like a Middle Eastern Muslim Quranderthal. “Hispanic” is what the liberal Muslim nuthuggers are hoping he is because they dont want Islam to be exposed for the barbaric, violent religion that it truly is. Ask me, I know because I grew up as a Coptic Christian in a Muslim country, but my family and I had to FLEE FOR OUR LIVES after Muslim mobs burned down our church and beat my cousin to death.

      1. Handsome Jack says:

        Brilliant! I love it!

  3. hiram says:

    I suspect this ahole dutifully points his ass into the air 5 times a day..

    1. ” Hispanic man ” My ass…. you know where he comes from. Politically correct BS

      1. muskratlove says:

        Absolutely, we all know he was another radical Islamist, the MSM continues to protect the Obamessiah and Illary, trying to fool the public.

  4. Is he an illegal? Seattle is a big sanctuary city. Liberals consider it an honor to be murdered by an illegal or by a Muslim jihadi. 72 crack pipes.

  5. whooosh says:

    My daughter lives near Burlington. I’ve been there many times and there are a lot of Obama border trash living in that area.
    Probably another radicalized welfare king.

  6. TOZ says:

    Was the mall a gun free zone?

    1. Scott P says:

      Didn’t he know the mall was a gun free zone?

      1. Jane Parx says:

        Maybe that’s why his post is in the form of a question. One thing sure, it’s a good thing none of these Americans were taking advantage of what little is left of the right to bear arms, someone could have been hurt. Like the democrats always say, the only people in America with the right to bear arms should be criminals and cops.

    2. mrfubo says:

      I think the whole city of Seattle is a gun free zone. Am I wrong?

      1. Dg says:

        State of Washington is a BRAIN FREE ZONE.

    3. Grizz Mann says:

      No return fire. I would say it was a free fire zone.

  7. RIKKI says:

    this is a first AN HISPANIC MAN TURNING MUSLIM…….

    1. Jan Conroy says:

      Islam is the fastest growing religion in Latin America. Check, the Los Angeles Times did a puff piece on the issue back in 1999. One of the guys arrested after the San Bernardino terrorist attack was an Hispanic convert to Islam. Mexico is full of Muslim converts. So is South America.

  8. Howard Frump says:

    A Hispanic? Looks like a typical Muslim in the photo.

  9. Richard1939 says:

    Another half million votes for trump!

  10. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Muslim or hispanic. Hillary says she going to stop all deportations. This will make liberal cities even more dangerous. Vote Hillary 2016!

  11. Ladini says:

    Ongoing MultiiSkittle Enrichment.

  12. Big Mama says:

    in today’s media and dishonest govt world ..”Hispanic” is probably code for MUSLIM

    1. Roy says:

      What do these liberals have against hispanics? George Zimmerman was called a White Hispanic when he sent obama’s son to the hearafter.

      1. Roy… The common word ‘hear’ means to process sound waves into information within one’s brain. Are you stupid?

  13. Femail says:

    Time to start packing heat to buy clothes and food people. No gun, no chance. Your bet, gamble at leisure.

  14. malice420dotcom says:

    More Hope and Change Yes We Can.
    Bring America back..

  15. HeywoodJablowme says:

    Either an Obama Dreamer or a refugee. Bet the farm.

  16. busseja says:

    Doesn’t look Hispanic at all in the photo. Looks Syrian or maybe Saudi. The black ISIS shirt doesn’t lend itself to Hispanic either. Being Seattle, I am surprised they showed the picture at all given the person is obviously not white.

  17. Rose Cramden says:

    Maybe this time we can save taxpayer money and shot the a-hole a couple hundred times when he tries to get away.

    1. Shoot, dimwit. Verb tense is not a mystery.

  18. arcticfox1 says:

    Hispanic man? Mohammed Rodriguez?

  19. Hispanic? He looks Mid-Eastern to me. Then again, all terrorists look alike.

  20. Obama let in too many terrorists, and HILLARY wants to let many many many more in…. WHY????

  21. R. Daniels says:

    Hispanic? Looks like a Muslim committing jihad.

  22. Commieobamie says:

    Another obama lover.

  23. Joe says:

    By the looks of the man I have to wonder if he was imported by Obama for this very mission.

  24. Nolan Conley says:

    What we are witnessing in these times are the total lack of respect for others and the lack of God and Jesus Christ in our lives. When I was a kid and I’m 61, we always went to church… Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian… whatever brand, and we learned the 10 commandments, the Golden Rule and had a moral compass to live by based on the teachings of God and His Son Jesus Christ. We didn’t have nearly as many of these atrocities.

    Fast forward to today. A large portion of our politicians (and any other profession you can think of) lie to us with wild abandon. Parents don’t take their kids to church as they feel they don’t need God. Our “glorious” president imports muslims by the boatload that we don’t want and spends our money with wild abandon that we don’t have. Kids have NO respect for others or authority and challenge it with hatred every chance they get. Welcome to the world without God.

    Also, was this mall restricted from civilians carrying guns legally? When will the liberals learn criminals DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW. Duh! I’m not a cop and have been legally carrying a gun for years and have never shot anyone. Don’t even want to. I had the opportunity to shoot a young misfit stealing from my home but didn’t. Oh, gee… must be because I’m one of those hated Christians.

    Lastly, these is no such animal as an “assault weapon” or “assault rifle”. It’s a term the media dreamed up to make guns sound bad. A gun is a tool… no different from a hammer, machete or chain saw. The good people will use it properly and the bad wont.

    1. Mjacks says:

      Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner here folks. Best comment of the day. May GOD bless you and your family my friend. Stay safe.

    2. Jmf2osix says:

      I don’t know what’s worse, a liberal or a bibal beater who thinks he knows everything. This kid is a Muslim, his parents don’t go to church, Christ ain’t going to do chit for this creep. Put your bibal away Pollianna, and wake up and smell the jihad.

      1. CO Jones says:

        Jmf2osix: > “I don’t know what’s worse, a liberal or a bibal beater who thinks he knows everything.”

        He gave an opinion, “bibal”-phobe. It’s exercising free speech.

        The problem isn’t Islam. The problems are (1) the West destroying Muslim counties and thinking there will be no blowback (how did America respond when attacked by Japan in 1941?) and (2) not vetting immigrants.

        WWII Germans were Christian. Both Hitler and Goebbels were Catholic. So did we hate Christianity? No. We didn’t event hate “Germans” (half of Americans then having roots in Deutschland). We hated Nazism and those who practiced it.

        There are millions of decent, peaceful, religious Muslims in the world. We don’t need a new Inquisition or witch hunts to deal with aberrations. We need to stop invading/destroying Muslim lands. We also need to build a wall and only let in folks who…whatever their race, religion, or background…hold our values.

    3. Martha says:

      Amen Nolan

    4. JB says:

      Wow. What an ignorant, stupid comment. You fit right in around here.

    5. John Martin says:

      I understand that the US Army does define “Assault Rifle” – a short, compact, selective-fire (semi-automatic or fully automatic) weapon that fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges.

  25. Ryk Lee says:

    Looks very Middle Eastern to me, regardless, I’m sure if we gave him bigger checks and more free stuff, he wouldn’t have acted out in this manner. Get with it Seattle or keep paying the price.

  26. Washington State is Very Democratic. They need more immigrants, send them all to Washington state, they love em….

    1. Ryk Lee says:

      Seattle and the surrounding I-5 corridor is predominantly Dem, the rest of the state , not so much.

  27. LockHerUp says:

    A Mexican Islamic Terrorist.?

    1. Youguessedit says:

      Almost as dumb as Mayor Of NYC last week not wanting to say the huge explosion in the Chelsea dumpster was a bombing.

      Avoidance and denial is not a plan.

  28. What’s next? “Cover me dear, I’m going to the shoe department…”

  29. Auntie Vyris says:

    Five people? Why was he allowed to do this?

    1. Mjacks says:

      Because he lives in a liberal state. The average law abiding pro-gun citizen is neutered by politicians who are scared of guns. However, I think Washington state is a conceal carry state. Maybe in the mall it is not allowed, hence the killings.

  30. Todd Clemmer says:

    Geeze I hope this doesn’t dampen our chances of receiving more 3rd world religion of peace members.

  31. Jack says:

    I can’t read it, but–unfortunately for the MSM–it doesn’t look like a Trump 2016 shirt.

  32. jaz says:

    It’ll keep happening until decent people protect themselves. The herd of lefties will have to be further thinned though before they agree it’s a good idea.

  33. Lori says:

    Is that the line now? Claim an Islamic is Hispanic because their skin, hair and eye color are indistinguishable to the average American? Good!

    Why? Because it confirms exactly what I’ve been saying since 9/11–they can cross the border pretending to be a Mexican and speak Spanish while they patiently wait as sleepers, breeding more.

    We are infiltrated by the hundreds of thousands by now!

  34. mal says:

    Hispanic? could just as easily be muslim middle easterner.

  35. Tim Roberts says:

    And not a peep from the media that these racist exterminations targeted WHITES.

  36. Darin Warren says:

    Terrorism is alive and strong in America! See something, say something! Report ALL musliims! ALLLLL OF THEM!! Absolutely NONE are innocent.

  37. Pauly says:

    A “white” Hispanic man.

  38. Jo Se says:

    Hispanic? Based on what? Looks Muslim.

    Note that there are few, if any, Hispanic Muslims as they kicked them out of Spain El Cid!

    Also, Hispanics enjoy watching beautiful woman not covered heavily.

  39. MAGA2016MAGA says:

    Given recent events, I believe we are supposed to now flip cars, burn storefronts, smash in businesses, and block highway traffic while beating innocent bystanders of other ethnicities.
    Or do only the blacks get to do that and get away with it?

  40. I need clarification, was this a White-Hispanic, or does it depend on the race of the victims?

    Let’s see if the victims are white it’s just Hispanic, if the victim is/are black it must be a White-Hispanic….Now I’m beginning to understand….wait, is there such a thing as a Black-Hispanic?……Now I’m getting confused again…I’m going to have to check with the New York Times and get back to you……..

  41. aubreyfarmer says:

    Had all those victims been armed and properly trained he would not have had such an easy time murdering them. Try putting a bullet on target when someone is shooting back at you. People that choose to render themselves defenseless should never preach about disarming to those that don’t share their opinion.

    1. Lori says:

      It was a “gun free zone” which ensures innocent people are mowed down

  42. Gteo5*66@34546^& says:

    He’s a Democrat “dreamer” living the dream in a sanctuary city. Good luck with the hell hole you are creating idiot democrats.

  43. Jo Se says:

    What? No one in Macy’s have a gun? Oh, it’s Washington. Thanks Starbucks. Won’t be long before the Muslim terrorists find coffee shops fun.

  44. Norge says:

    Welcome to your voter approved ‘Fundamenatley transformed America’. Thank-you Washington State & Seattle for your support!

  45. Hispanic? He looks like one of Mohammed’s missionaries spreading alla’s love.

  46. They’ll find him eating tacos at the mosque.

    1. willis forster says:

      The local police should have videos of every person going into and car driven to the local mosques, but no, thats profiling.

  47. Kitcha says:

    Have they caught Mohammad yet?

  48. Joe M says:

    Doesn’t look Hispanic to me. Looks more like muslim.

  49. Sawed off rifle…doesn’t he know that is illegal? Sharp face, thick matted black hair, non-white, definitely a far east illegal. Another reason to get your conceal carry and put it in your purse ladies. Men, don’t leave home with out it!
    Vet 1969-1973

  50. Joe says:

    Alahu Akhbar?

  51. Wharfplank says:

    Another fine, upstanding, Obama/Clinton voter…

  52. With cameras at every entrance to a mall proper, there should be no excuse for anyone carrying a rifle to be allowed to enter. Security absolutely needs to be increased at the entry points.

  53. Ok. This spin will be interesting.
    Prayers for the victims. I just can’t imagine…
    That being said: Trump/Pence…2016.
    Law and order must prevail.

  54. Paul King says:

    Just remember, a vote for Hillary is a vote for open borders.

    1. Jose Jimenez says:

      Lets hope the stupid, ignorant and parasitic are not yet the permanent majority.

  55. Jose Jimenez says:

    Can they still say Hispanic?……..but not Illegal or Arab?

  56. annjo1 says:

    Shots fired at 7 pm. Emergency medical personnel cleared to enter at 8:30 pm. 90 minutes for victims to lie there and bleed out. Folks, we’re on our own. Pack a trauma kit along with your gun when you go out shopping. The person you save from bleeding out may be yourself.

  57. Mistanick says:

    This is a false flag. The Muslim (he is not a Mexican) carries in a rifle and no one notices? Really?

  58. Mike Mertens says:

    Hispanic? Is that what we’re calling all dark-skinned males with beards from the Middlleast who randomly shoot innocent people? I guess he could have also been Italian…….

  59. Citizen Survivor says:

    Just a wild guess here. The “FBI” knew about this guy. The “neighbors” knew about this guy. Just a little more money to combat “homegrown terrorists”. Same tired old story – new face… new location. Never to be heard of by next week. Follow the money.

    1. Citizen Survivor says:

      How could I forget. Gun control, gun control, gun control.

  60. Mike Herman says:

    I’m guessing the perp will be either “Mohamed” or “Ahmad”.

  61. luxomni says:

    Keep looking for a Hispanic and you will never find your Muslim terrorist.

  62. Mob Smash says:

    I have no idea why anyone would leave their home unarmed.

  63. Mike Herman says:

    HiLIARy will bring in about a million more Muslims, so if only 1/10 of 1% of them are intent on terror….just sayin’


  65. That is not an assault rifle in his hands and what happened with the 2nd suspect he was seen with at the theater? White male 6-3 goatie beard

  66. ttt says:


  67. iodiner says:

    Muzlims can look an awful lot like “hispanics”

  68. MikeBuildsUSA says:

    Missing an opportunity to experiment w/ situation. Pull out all law enforcement and let community activists, BLM, all other that demonstrate against police procedure and let them go find the gunman and apprehend him w/o any weapons.

  69. dred says:

    How does one say “Allahu Akbar” en Español?

    1. In Spanish you say Allah’s Snackbar like this … ass-oh hole-oh and her followers as dune-kuhns.

  70. Otis says:

    The gun is not what liberals would brand an assault rifle. Look at his right hand. Conventional stock and no pistol grip. Kind of resembles a Marlin .22. Hard to tell.

  71. Alan Whitney says:

    “Hispanic?” My money is Arabian, or Middle Eastern.

  72. I really do not trust the media to tell the truth but either way this needs to be stopped with better and stronger immigration policies. If it’s a latino illegal or yet another muslim spreading the religion of peace Trump has the correct policies. Hillary offers nothing but more prayers for the dead.

  73. Jack Foobar says:

    Do you think Dune Coon Hussein will invite him to the White House after he claims his rights as a Muslim POS have been oppressed?

  74. john says:

    Looks middle eastern, but the last thing the media wants to do is look islamaphobic. Sorry Puerto Ricans your going to be the new initial description of terrorist suspects. Gotta love the mooslims. Who else could get away with killing your whole family and then get to call you a racist for being angry about it. Time to hunt mooslims.

  75. MikeyBoy says:

    I cant read this! I just cant. The writer is horrible! On top of the bad grammar, the website resfreshes automatically. Just so you are aware, having an auto-refresh function doesn’t necessarily reel in traffic. This is no Drudgereport, i mean come on, this is a local news website. So what is there to refresh about.

  76. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    If an Hispanic, he might have come here to do jobs Americans won’t do…and vote for Hillary.

  77. RTUT says:

    I don’t buy/patronize where I cannot carry. The malls don’t have security for this type of thing. Hillary Clinton has men surrounding her with guns yet she wants us to be disarmed. That is a pretty selfish behavior.

  78. Roger Bacon says:

    If this guy’s an illegal alien or a Muslim (very likely), Trump just won the election.

  79. Joe Campbell says:

    Hispanic is not a race.

  80. Roger Bacon says:

    If this guy’s an illegal alien or a Muslim (very likely), Trump just won the election.

  81. Dg says:

    Bring me the head of Mohamed Garcia.

  82. When you hear hoof beats think horses not zebras
    When you see an olive skinned terrorist think Muslim not Mexican.

  83. gunnyginalaska says:

    CBS = SEE B.S. The shooter IS NOT Hispanic but a raghead dirt squirrel and probably one Obama let in! WELL DONE OBAMA. Hey Libs: “COEXIST!”


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  85. porterv says:

    Looks like a jihadi to me. Remember when they said that “we are fighting them over there so that we don’t have to fight them here.” Well they are here. The filthy stupid politicians brought them. Sooner or later we must round them up and ship them back, because we are not going to live together. Ever!

  86. Gary Johnson says:

    jeez the racism in these comments, and then they wonder why people riot for injustice.

  87. It looks like his Black ISIS teeshirt was in the cleaners that day. It is a irresponsible to declare this guy is Hispanic w/o proof positive. We need to know who to look for and shouldn’t limit our scope.

  88. Hugh Mungis says:

    Typical misinformation constructed by the skype media. Trust me. I bet if you nerds put half the time into curing cancer as you do on comment boards like this I’d have 20 more years of life right now. You see, the shadow masters hit me with their tumor satellite after I discovered tower 7 was hosting a Illuminati meeting on September 11th, and George Bush was actually trying to save the world by hitting the towers with his plane holograms. I didn’t read this article.

  89. Bob says:

    Many people will be blamed for this tragedy. However, one person and one person only is to be held accountable: the person whose job it was to hang up the sign that said “Gun-Free Zone.”

  90. We will have to force assimilation on these animals by exercising our 2nd amendment God given right to send them to their maker – or assimilate, the choice is yours. Bye bye animals!

  91. Friedrich says:

    Results of the Godless amoral Atheistic secular humanist rulers of the government and public schools ………. The Atheistic religion is responsible for 100,000,000 + murders in the 20 th century and 21st

  92. David A Crabtree says:

    Hispanic my arse.

  93. LeeP says:

    Picture is clear enough to show it is NOT a so-called assault weapon. The brown stock is continuous from front to back. Can’t be an AR15 or AK47 type rifle. Most likely a bolt action hunting rifle or small caliber semi-auto hunting rifle.

  94. LeeP says:

    Clinton and Obama needed another mass shooting to push gun bans. There have been far more mass shootings under Obama than all other presidents combined, not surprising as they are needed to justify gun bans. Just like the 2500 guns supplied to Mexican killers under Fast and Furious.

  95. Jmf2osix says:

    This kid doesn’t look at all Hispanic. The dark brows and lashes indicate middle eastern. We’d rather insult the Hispanic population in Everett and accuse one of their own of such a violent crime then to insult the peaceful Muslim population. This is typical Seattle PC garbage. He’s Muslim terrorist, just like the 1 in 4 Muslims in America.

    1. “He’s Muslim terrorist, just like the 1 in 4 Muslims in America.” 4 in 4…. the other 3 lied.

  96. dennbo49 says:

    Alien hu akbar! This is the new normal.

  97. mrsilvergrill says:

    Another quality picture from a mighty fine, deluxe, p-funk, top notch, gourmet security camera.

  98. Fred Vicente says:

    HISPANIC?? 4 TERRORIST ATTACKS IN 1 WEEK. LIBERAL MEDIA IN A PANIC. Time to protect Hillary and Obama. Blame this workplace violence, global warming, a video. But don’t you dare blame this on radical Islam!!!

  99. RobbieK says:

    Sorry, but the photo clearly shows an Arab. The nose and skin color are dead give aways! Another Jihadi frustrated we will never allow our country to be ruled by Sharia.

  100. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.”

    Then what kind of act is this? Recreation? A VERY big part of the problem in America today is just who these “authorities” are and how they “think.”

  101. Marsha Moore says:

    So, the “shooter” enters without gun…. then appears in Macy’s with a gun, shoots women. THEN media tries to claim he “looked” Hispanic. When was the last time America saw a “Hispanic” terrorist. the lefties think because Americans are against illegal immigration, they would believe a Hispanic terrorist. How DUMB. If they have the gun they have fingerprints, hiding name. Terrorist plain and simple!

  102. JImmbbo says:

    Lessee – if the perp is
    HISPANIC ILLEGAL ALIEN – He’s just trying to support his family
    MUSLIM – We must not jump to conclusions
    WHITE – he’s a racist with a military machine gun of a type that MUST be banned

  103. Casey Last says:

    I’m no expert but this guy doesn’t look Hispanic….we’ll know soon enough….

  104. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    The gunman is not Hispanic.
    Hispanic men may be trashy, loud, Modelo littering, Subwoofer-booming lowlifes… but they are not mass murderers.
    Mass murderers are White or Arabic.

    1. Frealo says:

      From 1982 through 2013 there were 66 mass killings in the US. Of those, 22 were committed by non-whites. That’s one-third (33%). In 1982, non-whites comprised 20% of the US population. The average non-white population percentage between 1982 and 2013 was around 28.5%.

  105. suibne says:

    traitor in the white house.

  106. Daleute says:

    very soon Americans will declare “open season” on these swine, and when that happens we will see street justice.

  107. Fed up citizen says:

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.” Are you kidding me? How is this NOT terrorism? Let me help the authorities. Here is the definition of terrorism straight from the FBI website.

    “Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

    -Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
    -Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
    -Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

  108. Frealo says:

    Sounds like one of BO’s muzzies.

  109. We don’t know yet if this was another Muslim Jihadist attack, like MN. To say “On Sept. 17 a man stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall” shows the “see no Islam” bias of the MSM. It was a Muslim male Jihadist who stabbed 10 people at a Minnesota mall [and another one on planted bombs in NY and NJ] shouting “alhu ackbar.”

    In the times past when the KKK lynched a black man [all of whom were Democrats BTW], you would not say “men” lynched a black man. You would identify the group and their ideology.

  110. Snake says:

    This is what should have happened if the communist state of Washington allowed American Citizens to carry


    1. Larry Longerham says:

      Washington IS an open-carry state.

      The level of ignorance and stupidity in this comment section has reached biblical proportions.

  111. timefortrump says:

    No friggin way that guy is Hispanic – more likely MIDDLE EASTERN – maybe one of those nice Syrian refugees?

  112. Letonqua Jackson says:

    Seattle. The land of touchy feely sensitive tolerand pot headed communist pukes. How’s that tolerance working out now? Seattle used to be cool before it was taken over by these pukes and the piles of feces “immigrants” they love so much.

  113. Tony says:

    Walking into a mall and shooting people with a rifle is an act of terrorism. Domestic or international but it’s still an act of terrorism. He also looks like a mohammad to me.

  114. Bill says:

    FYI for those outside the area – Seattle is run by feeble leftist democRat pajama boys and both the mayor and governor are useless illegal-loving, terrorist-coddling weaklings.

  115. J'Moke says:

    Funny how a law abiding conceal carry individual isn’t allowed to have a gun on his or her person in a mall where you’d most likely need a gun. “liberalism is a mental disorder”

  116. Frealo says:

    There’s a reason he killed those 4 women. They didn’t have their heads covered. They were violating the rules of Sharia!!!

  117. Bill says:

    Maybe they can ask the Seattle City Councilpuke, the avowed SOCIALIST broad complete with the oh-so-diverse turdworld accent, why her “Gun-Free Zone” signs didn’t keep out this Mohammed and his gun.

    Stupid Seattle leftists and their moronic policies are wrecking a great city.

  118. TK Stoke says:

    No, No this was not terrorism, he was just mad about the return policy of the mall.

  119. Another gun-free zone ? Wanna bet he doesn’t stand for the national anthem either ?

  120. Youguessedit says:

    There go 5 Hillary votes.

  121. Youguessedit says:

    Viva La Allah…
    Has a weird ring to it.

  122. canes58 says:

    the land of obama!

  123. gotta love that vibrant diversity can feel us getting stronger

  124. mdoocey says:

    He doesn’t look ‘Hispanic’ to me.

  125. Jean says:

    Muslims crossing our southern border often pass themselves off as Hispanic. Apparently, stupid Americans don’t know the difference between Africans and Hispanics.

    If the Pope had half the balls of Pope Urban in 1095, and if the European presidents had half the balls of King Philip II of France and King Richard I of England, we would slaughter these animals.

  126. So the people were shot at around 7pm and the emergency medical teams weren’t allowed in until 8:30pm? So the wounded had wait 1.5 hours for medical help?

  127. Bill Kilgore says:

    Hispanic?? Just the MSM’s way of avoiding the possibility the shooter could also be a middle eastern Muslim. Obviously, CBS feels “they all look the same”.

  128. Bill White says:

    Clearly, this was the rifles fault.

  129. Mike says:

    Blacks, brown, muslims – Every day we get another crime committed by them.

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.”

    Right – And I’m a Vulcan.

  130. Sure doesn’t look hispanic to me. Our press and left liberals in charge will say anything to excuse muslims of what they are doing. Dollars to donuts this guy is of Arabic descent and a muslim.

  131. Frank says:

    More proof white people are devils.

  132. Most likely a Franciscan Monk in disguise!! GMAB!

  133. Bob says:

    Was that one of those Hispanic Muslims?

  134. David says:

    Prayers for the victims families. Now, if only we had more signs and laws telling bad people to not enter gun free zones with weapons intent on causing harm to others, I’m sure it would have been prevented….right? Pardon my sarcasm. Just my comment pointed at politicians.

  135. Buz Chertok says:

    This wanton random citizen assassination by a murderous maniac who either doesn’t value his own life and painlessly ends it after committing his heinous acts……or is not deterred by any punishment handed out by the civilized society of which he is NOT a member. A new particularly cruel and unusual punishment must be devised and approved to apply to anyone who even tries to commit mass murder in our peaceful public places.

    I would personal recommend public hanging—with a non-slipping noose so that the sub human piece of excrement being executed dangles and dances for a long time as he strangles to death with close ups of his empurpled face with its tongue extended beyond any possible expectation and his damned eyes bulging like blood shot pool balls………With that image in mind along with the surety that it would apply to HIM should he decide to shoot up a mall, some creep might just decide to shoot himself instead to avoid such and end.

  136. Grizz Mann says:

    Any of Obama’s “dreamers or ISIS refugees relocated in the area?

  137. Alpha Dog says:

    ya right. a f u c k i n’ chalupa did this. NOT. Definitely another crazed sand n!gger.

  138. And Gov. Inslee’s reply to this: (wait for it…) “One MORE reason why we need to take guns out of RESPONSIBLE gun owner’s hands!”

  139. Theo West says:

    All those mall shootings and bombings those awful Hispanic terrorists have been doing.. oh wait…. Can’t wait for them to admit he was yelling “Allahu Akbar” while shooting.

  140. Vincent says:

    Let’s see. We’re ALLOWED to jump to conclusions and blame the police when they shoot thugs. But we’re NOT allowed to assume this murderer is another Soldier of Allah? Is that the deal?

  141. Fred Vicente says:

    ANOTHER ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK. Liberal media in a panic. Sure that guy is a Hispanic. And also blame this on global warming, workplace violence, or on a video.

  142. He is brown. Quick someone call him Hispanic so no one will think he is a Muslim.

  143. David says:

    Not Latino. Looks Arab or Turkish.

  144. do not call the FBI with any info, they are corrupt

  145. MSM Sucks says:

    Im sorry but a man walking through a mall randomly shooting people.
    most definitely IS an act of terror.

  146. James Comey says there was no intent to hurt anyone and no prosecutor would take the case.
    so lets end the manhunt

  147. #whitegenocide. White Nations are the ones being invaded. White Nations are the ones who are brainwashed into thinking they need DIEversity. Stop this now or your children will pay the price of your appeasement with their blood.

  148. williampenn says:

    Bet the mortgage on Muslim. Bet the car title on FBI had him on watch list and did nothing. Bet the pension on more and more and more of these incidents, courtesy of Obama Administration.

  149. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Washington State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Francis said police were seeking a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a rifle last seen walking toward Interstate 5.

    Throwing hispanics under the bus.

  150. Triggered says:

    They describe him as Hispanic because this is Seattle and we don’t want to send the wrong message, do we??? STICK WITH THE NARRATIVE (because the facts just get in the way). You know – like the same way we declare the black man shooting a black man in North Carolina is a racist hate crime that is all whitey’s fault. That way all the cool kids will like us!

  151. jogreggre says:

    Thank you CBS Seattle for writing a responsible, non-inciting article. The killer may be Hispanic, he may be a radical Islamist, we just don’t know at this point. I hope the community helps the authorities to catch him.

  152. Gene Smith says:

    Who are they trying to kid? That is not a Hispanic, that is a diaper head.

  153. If you want more of this vote for Clinton, if not vote for Trump, it’s that simple people…

  154. Could’ve used two Crispy Creme experts with rifles to provide cover so they could’ve got medical transport teams in there quickly, but instead the “safety” minded police delayed medical response for over an hour. “Gun Free Zones” and Police stupidity should make you rethink the idea that Police exist to protect you.

  155. Wallt Morgan says:

    Would have been helpful if Macy’s didn’t use potatoes for security cameras.

  156. Rollo Smith says:

    Note the dark dead eyes of the ME man. I’ve seen more than my share of mexicans and he doesn’t look hispanic to me. Either way it’s the failed policies of this corrupt government the last 40 years that have caused this. The buck stops there. WALL 2016 TRUMP. Hillary for Prison!

  157. mikey0 says:

    Anyone check the local mosque?

  158. Youguessedit says:

    Muslim Arab entering the U.S. across Mexico makes him Hispanic?

  159. Mary McCallan says:

    This is disgusting! If I were hispanic I’d be outraged. Where does the media get off suggesting that the murderer is hispanic.

  160. Dave says:

    Not hispanic. He is a muslim who shaved. You can tell by the extra thick black hair, and eye brows.

  161. This is the state of Washington. Are they really looking that hard for this guy, on the chance (1/3rd) he may be Hispanic, and even illegal, and another 1/3rd that he may be Middle Eastern, but not Jewish?

  162. Vendicar Decarian says:

    Who cares. Mass murders happen in America every day.

    That is why Americans are so free they are afraid to go out at night.

    1. Pix L. 8r says:

      That’s the kind of Fundamental Transformation 7.9 years of Hope&Change gets you.

  163. scott says:

    Syrian or Iranian. I grew up in a town with large Mexican and Assyrian populations. This dude is not (!) de Mexico.

  164. Joe Campbell says:

    He looks like one of obama’s ME forced implant…

  165. Catherine Miller says:

    They didn’t get a BOLO out until 4 hours after it happened. I, along with 19,000 other people was listening to the police scanner. It sounded like amateur hour. My guess is Mohamed Gonzales is in Canada by now planning his next Jihad.

  166. Nabuquduriuzhur says:

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.”

    At some point I hope our authorities will stop lying about terror events not being terrorist. V.I. Lenin, the father of modern terrorism, said that “the purpose of terrorism is to terrorize.” Redefining the word to be PC is not acceptable and only alienates the public.

  167. Roy Galutia says:

    Security Cams and recorders are going to have to become more High definition …malls and stores Are going to have to invest money in High tech cameras ….having worked on and repaired security cam recorders I am not impressed with their quality of definition …we have the technology to see things from space the size of a dollar bill or smaller …shouldn’t be to difficult to develop security camcorders with higher definition …

  168. Mark Meyer says:

    An illegal or a muzzie. My guess is muzzie.

  169. Troy Dynes says:

    The shooter fits the profile of an obamaroid.

  170. Chris Long says:

    “hunting style rifle”. Hmmm.

    Not an “Assault Rifle”…

  171. Guyver says:

    2nd Amendment Folks. Its there for this very reason. WHY won’t you exercise it?

  172. Chris Long says:

    What’s next ? We know the formula. Next they’ll say, It was an intentional act. After that the motive is unknown.

  173. He looks Saudi…too young to have made the 9/11 flights is all.

  174. john says:

    Do not arrest this man. He should be tortured, then shot. No trial.

  175. Looks like one of the bad Skittles jumped out of the bowl.

  176. Bob says:

    Terror: Fear
    Terrorist: Anyone that creates fear
    Terrorism The practice of terrorizing

    The only question is if it was an Islamic terrorist. Because they’re not linked to Islamic terrorism doesn’t mean they are not creating terror. The mainstream media goes out of it’s way to avoid the word for some reason.

  177. Joel Barr says:

    Too bad there wasn’t someone (paid or civilian) with a gun to provide resistance. The weird part is the Mall promotes itself as a ‘Gun Free Zone’. Apparently terrorists don’t follow the rules.

    Heck, one could argue that terrorists prefer ‘Gun Free Zones as it helps ensure they won’t face any opposition.

    How sad.

    I’m praying for the people involved and their families.

  178. Sal Bando says:

    Washington needs more gun free zones and safe places for the emotionally sensitive to recuperate.

  179. Pix L. 8r says:

    Show of hands: have you ever, EVER seen the media publish “surveillance” photos clear enough to ID a perp? Anybody? Beuller…?

  180. Was this a “gun free” zone?

  181. Hispanic, my ass…Try Muslim.

  182. LuJr75 says:

    In other news – Hillary Clinton still can’t be trusted.

  183. TJ Andersen says:

    Im sick of the marxist propaganda being perpetrated on US citizens. At best they dont have an idea of ID but most likely 99% at worst its probably a blood thirsty muslim. We are at war and the only leader who wants to treat it as war is Trump.

  184. Pops says:

    Folks…we ALL need to accept the fact that times have changed…. in many, many ways. Our mindthink of preparation prior to, and during a public traveling thu such areas is indeed hazardous. There is a serious reason the mall store buying is in serious decline…this type action methinks heads the list !. Those who may be of the greatest assistance to the “mall cops” & real police, are staying home…i.e. those w/ concealed carry gun permits… as they realize they may be involved in expensive court proceedings, should they legally, effectively end a life threatening scenario. Seriously… I have NOT been in a mall in many years… how sad…how sad !

  185. john says:

    They have a bad description “hispanic”. They have no leads. They know absolutely nothing but can make the statement that it is not an act of terrorism. Incompetent clowns. They lie and put the American people in danger to protect the hateful, psychopathic mooslim.

  186. Rick47635 says:

    Keep ignoring it until it’s your child, spouse, mother, or father. This is the way of things. When it does hit close to home, what are you going to do?

  187. Jim Thompson says:

    I like the “No evidence that this was terrorism”… Well guess what… there’s no evidence that it isn’t a terrorist either’.

  188. Hispanic? Yeah, sure! It’s another Aloha Snackbar “lone wolf”!

  189. John C says:

    Gee, it’s very interesting at how differently this ended, with the bad guy/ terrorist getting away and the Minnesota mall incident when an ARMED off duty Police Officer was there to send the terrorist to hell to meet allah and mohammed. In Washington State 5 innocent people were murdered and the bad guy got away. In Minnesota, where there was and ARMED good guy, people were injured and the terrorist was killed. I think the Minnesota ending was a better ending for the injured and those who weren’t injured because of the action of the Armed off duty Police Officer. Armed good guys can put a stop to attacks, whiny liberals cause them to continue and get worse.

  190. Rollo Smith says:

    It just builds the case for a WALL and for stopping ME refugees from infesting our once great nation. This must stop no matter what it takes even if that is removing our government and replacing it one that thinks logically and not with their rectum!

  191. iambicpentamaster says:

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.”

    Is he wearing a shirt with an image of the World Trade Center on the front?

    Yeah, mass killing perpetrated by a young, Middle-Eastern male in black clothing probably has nothing to do with terror — at least not during a Clinton campaign for POTUS.

  192. jdon48 says:

    really sad. mass murder occurs and the immediate impulse is to sacrifice the truth, to create a different narrative.

  193. Ed says:

    He looks Jewish to me more than anything else. As regards this pathetic description, CBS learn the meaning and difference of Hispanic and Latino. It is two different things unfortunately American is the only country it appears that does not understand the meaning of the words. .

  194. Dee says:

    Most likely a former relationship of one of the women killed … the others just collateral damage.

  195. Useful Vidiots says:

    It reads to me like he went in to see if specific people were on site, went out and got the gun and came back in. He knew them. Not random. Did it and got out.


  196. Steve Connor says:

    He is NOT Hispanic. I live in Phoenix Metro area and i know what Mexcian or Hispanic looks like.
    He is Middle Eastern and 99.9% likely (should i dare say it) an Islamic radical(or ized) terrorist !!
    Wake up media ! Wake up Law Enforcement !! You will have to if Trump is elected.

  197. Good Liberals, all. Especially the shooter.

  198. Folks, everyone needs to educate themselves about the history of this religion. That is not being an islamophobe or a bigot it is being a realist. There were 2 muhammads. The Mecca muhammad and the Medina muhammad. One meek and humble preaching peace, the other a 7th century wealthy, murderous, abjectly intolerant child rapist. The latter abrogated the peaceful former and preached jihad. These animals are following the practice of the warlord child rapist. Don’t believe me do your own due diligence.

    Anyone who is interested in understanding why these animals are attacking us can start here:

    Islam What the West Needs to Know

  199. Hispanic? How do they know? He looks Middle Eastern to me.

    1. Steve Connor says:

      Obama criticizes our nation each and every time he goes abroad. Essentially sucking up to the people who he doesnt lead and did not elect him twice. He basically is calling of America “deplorable”…even his own supporters. We did not elect a POTUS, we elected a “Nation Organizer” built around diminishing America’s greatness and Whiteness. Hillary will do essentially the same for 4 years if she lasts that long, and its a moot point for she is not going to win anyway.

  200. Fred Mertz says:

    “At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.”
    Stupid remark of the decade. Was it an act of door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmanship?
    If you don’t define terrorism as ‘killing a bunch of completely innocent people for no particular reason’, then exactly how DO you morons define terrorism??!!!

  201. Randy Thomas says:

    Most likely a follower of the religion of peace.

  202. howard feinski says:

    A’m gonna take a leap of faith, ‘n be a bit premature, mebbe, He’s a Martian, probably illegal.

  203. Steve Connor says:

    Obama criticizes our nation each and every time he goes abroad. Essentially sucking up to the people who he doesnt lead and did not elect him twice. He basically is calling of America “deplorable”…even his own supporters. We did not elect a POTUS, we elected a “Nation Organizer” built around diminishing America’s greatness and Whiteness. Hillary will do essentially the same for 4 years if she lasts that long, and its a moot point for she is not going to win anyway.

  204. Jim Greaves says:

    He was obviously looking for safe space to shoot a gun in WA. He hates Jews and Christians. They hate him. He should be given a place in hell with 90-yr-old virgin pigs and dogs.

  205. JOSE says:


  206. Kevin Lee says:

    I just don’t understand how he could have done this without a “military style assault rifle.” I thought that you had to have one of those to commit multiple murders. At least that’s the excuse they’re using for trying to ban them in Washington State. So if they succeed in that and then we still have multiple murders, I suppose they’re going to say we just need to ban all guns. But they won’t tell you that, it’s just those evil looking black guns that we have to get rid of (for now.)

  207. Diane D says:

    I can’t imaging going to a mall unarmed.

  208. Paladin says:

    When captured, his hands and feet should be removed. The wounds should be treated with pig grease before bandaging!!! If hispanic, hang an inverted crucifix around his neck after the removal!!!


  210. Mike S. says:

    From his actions of only shooting a few in a specific area, he may have had a grudge against a x girlfriend, wife or whatever and the others shot were just collateral damage. Of course it could have been an Islamic terrorist, but I think in that case he would have taken out as many as he could for Allah.
    Don’t forget, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  211. John Harrow says:

    Wow. a bad skittle. 😉

  212. russ says:

    Hispanic? Looks middle-Eastern and probably Muslim to me.

  213. Alfred says:

    Just think we no longer need to visit a third world country. You people brought your vacation home with you. Thanks. By the way, your grand children you really care about? Do YOU REALLY

  214. Police should quit their search and let Colin Kaepernick take over before some harm comes to the killer.

  215. KatrinaAnon says:

    The only reason they think he is hispanic is from witnesses. The camera is too grainy to be certain. But he did choose a mall, and most of these are gun free zones. Makes it easy to be sure your victims areunarmed.

  216. anon says:

    Could be related to satanic-club push in Mt. Vernon school district, need that ‘human sacrifice’ to get things done? https://www.sott.net/article/329181-Allow-After-School-Satan-programs-or-face-costly-lawsuits-Washington-state-school-told

  217. Joe Campbell says:

    The suspect looks like one of obama’s forced ME implants…

  218. Arcan Cetin. is a Turkish Muslim who states he’s a Hillary supporter on his facebook page.

    1. Larry Longerham says:


      People who knew him are saying he was a conservative, in a rifle club and a member of ROTC.

    2. Larry Longerham says:

      He also said this:

      “In response to a letter in the Whidbey News-Times in May 2013 praising President Obama and Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Cetin commented that the pair’s liberalism ‘sounds like Communism.”’

  219. He looks remarkably like one of the Boston bombers. Weren’t they Mexican also?

  220. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Our no-balls media are a bloody joke. This murderous rat is a goddam Kaboomistani.

  221. James says:

    They aren’t reporting his name. Which means it’s a Middle Eastern, Muslim name so they are trying to hide that. If there wasn’t security video they’d probably lie and claim it was a white, conservative, Christian man with a black, scary-looking assault rifle and a Trump hat on.

  222. Mike says:

    The suspect’s name is Arcan Cetin

  223. Allah Akbar-up yours you Turkish Muslim Terrorist. You will spend the rest of your long life rotting in prison.

  224. busseja says:

    OK I get it. The Mexican who looked Islamic was indeed Islamic.
    Now the press will make this something it isn’t. Like motivated by a bad movie…….

    And they were watching what? The “Great-Grandchildren of the Magnificant 7”
    My God. Cast with a black, three gays, two transvestites, and a chinaman. I guess that guarantees the black guy gets the girl. I won’t pay to see this film but I bet I am right.

  225. Jack Kennedy says:

    and another moozi with “mental” issues……………right, obama/lynch/hitlary?

    workplace violence

  226. Shaniqa Pikes says:

    His name is Arcan Cetin, and he is from Turkey.

  227. Totally staged…Do yourself a favor…Google Mall shooting Macy’s.. Look at news footage and photos and video, you will see Macy’s prominently displayed in every instance…Not saying Macy’s is behind the “shootings” but they are involved…Ask yourself too, where is the footage…Nothing…There are cameras everywhere…Who goes to a mall to shoot people too? There are far easier places…You have to park, walk past loads of people, witnesses…AND THIS GUY GOT AWAY?????????????LOL Faker than Nikki MInaj’s buttQ!

  228. Bob Bernet says:

    Once again, it takes the far left media to report what the average 3rd grader could see at first glance. The left has spent so much time twisting themselves into pretzels to protect a certain group in the name of political correctness, they should sufficiently wipe themselves from elected office on November 8th. When it gets to the point that they literally deny what is in front of them, political correctness has become suicidal.

  229. Salem Lowe says:

    So it turns out to be a muslim shooter, not “hispanic” like CBS reported. If I was hispanic, I’d sue the blatantly racist CBS and the racist author of this story.

  230. Joe Perry says:

    When will everyone learn that the liberals, and by and large the media, are no friends to Hispanics (or Blacks). They just denigrated an entire ethic group to spare feelings and not offend anyone. Stick to the facts!

  231. Carol Rogers says:

    Where was the Security at the Malls didn’t they see this man with a gun and no one in the store saw him to alert the police.

  232. franklin says:


  233. Lou Anthony says:

    Unbridled flow of immigrants, kind of like a bushel of oysters – all it takes is one to kill you. The difference is you don’t have to let these immigrants into the US. It is about time for us to realize that a lot of muslims do not like our way of life and want to destroy us.

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