UPDATE: 8:50pm

Donald Trump wins Iowa and Georgia. Still leading in Wisconsin by over 3 points. Michigan within 40,000 votes.

Electoral count:
Clinton – 209
Trump – 244


UPDATE: 8:35pm

Electoral count:
Clinton – 209
Trump – 216


UPDATE: 8:32pm

Hillary Clinton wins Washington State.


UPDATE: 8:09pm

Donald Trump wins North Carolina.


UPDATE: 8:01pm

Hillary Clinton wins California and Hawaii. Donald Trump takes Idaho.


UPDATE: 7:54pm

Per AP, Donald Trump will win Florida.


UPDATE: 7:50pm

Hillary Clinton wins Colorado. Battleground states of North Carolina and Florida coming to a close. Donald Trump still leading both.


UPDATE: 7:35pm

Hilary Clinton wins Virginia.

Electoral count:
Clinton – 104
Trump – 169


UPDATE: 7:25pm

Donald Trump wins Ohio. No Republican has won the White House without Ohio in over 40 years.


UPDATE: 7:20pm

Donald Trump wins Missouri. Hillary Clinton takes New Mexico.


UPDATE: 7:07pm

Electoral vote count:
Clinton – 104
Trump – 139


UPDATE: 7:06pm

Donald Trump wins Montana. Polls close in a number of states. Waiting to see on Southwest.


UPDATE: 6:55pm

Hillary Clinton has taken the lead in Virginia, home state of running-mate Tim Kaine. The Democrats carried Virginia in both years under Barak Obama.


UPDATE: 6:46pm

Early projections show Republicans will maintain control of the House.


UPDATE: 6:27

House of Representative count:
Democrat – 78
Republican – 108

Senate count:
Democrat – 41
Republican – 42


UPDATE: 6:09pm

Electoral count:
Clinton – 97
Trump – 123


UPDATE: 6:00pm

Polls close in 14 states. Hillary Clinton projected to carry New York. Donald Trump projected to carry North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas.


UPDATE: 5:43pm

Electoral count:
Clinton – 68
Trump – 66

Florida, a state the Republicans desperately need, has Trump with just a 100,000 vote lead over Clinton with 90 percent of votes counted. Battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina all to close to call.



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