CBS SEATTLE – Predictions couldn’t foresee what unfolded last night across the nation. Slowly and unexpectedly, media polls and trackers ticked toward the opposite direction.

Donald J. Trump sealed the majority electoral vote and the presidency in a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton early Wednesday morning.

“When I was little I thought about being the president of the United States,” Lindsey Bowman said as she turned her vote at the Ballard Public Library ballot box. “To finally see a woman president would be amazing.”

Many Washington residents were of the same mind as 58% voted to elect the Democratic candidate, but unfortunately, the 12 Washington electoral votes didn’t push Clinton forward.

The crowd grew solemn at newly elected Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s election party as swing state after swing state went in Donald Trump’s favor.

““If our worst fears are realized, we will be on the defense starting tomorrow, “Jayapal told supporters at Optimism Brewing in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. “ We will need to fight not just for our progressive ideals, but to stop the disastrous rollback of decades of mainstream progress in this country.”

Jayapal said she hopes the result of her race means the 7th District could be “a light in the darkness” if Donald Trump becomes the next president.

As the night continued, her prediction and fears actualized.

Capitol Hill became quiet when midnight approached and the official announcement was made  public that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States.

The hundreds who started out hopeful and excited at local bars, went home early, while others stayed out late in Capitol Hill protesting the results.

The upset continued into Thursday where hundreds of students in several cities walked out in post-election protest, including about 200 West Seattle High School students.

School walkouts, downtown protests and solidarity gatherings are scheduled in Seattle and across the country this week, but this race is far from over.  This election will be studied, celebrated and mourned over for months, even years.

Ultimately, the question on everyone’s mind: how will this election change America?




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