While there is little comfort for the 55.66% of Washington Democratic voters who were devastated by Hillary Clinton’s loss, many other ballot measures and local elections were decided last night. Take a look at how Washington residents decided on key initiatives and races throughout the state.

Updated 8:04 a.m. 11/10/2016. Initiatives are final results.


Presidential Election in Washington state:

Hillary Clinton/ Tim Kaine, Democratic Party: 55.66%

Donald Trump/ Michael Pence, Republican Party: 38.06%

Jill Stein/ Ajamu Baraka: 1.41%

Gary Johnson/ Bill Weld: 4.2%

presi Washington State Election Results


*Donald J. Trump won Presidential Election


Gubernatorial Election:

Jay Inslee, Democratic Party: 55.68%

Bill Bryant, Republican Party: 44.32%


gov1 Washington State Election Results

More State Election Results Listed Here 


Washington Senate Election:

Patty Murray, Democratic Party: 60.26 %

Chris Vance, Republican Party: 39.74%

senate Washington State Election Results

Republicans won the US Senate


Congressional District 7 – U.S. Representative:

Pramila Jayapal, Democratic Party: 56.74%

Brady Pinero Walkinshaw, Democratic Party: 43.26%

congree Washington State Election Results

Republicans won the US House



Key Initiatives:

Initiative Measure No. 1433 – Concerns labor standards.

  • This measure would increase the state minimum wage hourly minimum wage incrementally to $13.50 over four years and require employers to provide paid sick leave.

Yes- 58.77%

No- 41.23%

Total Votes: 2,183,787    | 100% votes counted


Initiative Measure No. 1464

  • Concerns campaign finance laws and lobbyists. More info here

Yes- 46.93%

No- 53.07%

Total Votes: 2,084,799


Initiative Measure No. 1491

  • Concerns court-issued extreme risk protection orders temporarily preventing access to firearms.
  • This measure would allow police, family or household members to obtain court orders temporarily preventing firearms access by persons exhibiting mental illness, violent or other behavior indicating they may harm themselves or others.

Yes- 70.64%

No- 29.36%

Total Votes: 2,189,382


Initiative Measure No. 1501

  • Concerns seniors and vulnerable individuals.
  • This measure would increase the penalties for criminal identity theft and civil consumer fraud targeted at seniors or vulnerable individuals; and exempt certain information of vulnerable individuals and in-home caregivers from public disclosure.

Yes- 71.34%

No- 28.66%

Total Votes: 2,164,658


Initiative Measure No. 732

  • Concerns taxes.
  • This would enact a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity, reduce the sales tax by one percentage point and increase a low-income exemption, and reduce certain manufacturing taxes.

Yes- 41.09%

No- 58.91%

Total Votes: 2,112,813

Initiative Measure No. 735

  • Concerns a proposed amendment to the federal constitution.
  • This measure would urge the Washington state congressional delegation to propose a federal constitutional amendment that constitutional rights belong only to individuals, not corporations, and constitutionally-protected free speech excludes the spending of money.

Yes- 63.38%

No- 36.62%

Total Votes: 2,087,727


Charter Amendment No. 2

  • Concerns gender-neutral language
  • Shall the King County Charter be amended to make its language gender-neutral?
  • If this proposed charter amendment is approved, numerous sections of the charter would be amended to make the language gender-neutral.


Proposition 1 (Sound Transit 3) Light-Rail, Commuter-Rail, and Bus Service Expansion

  • Concerns expansion of mass transit in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.
  • Authorize Sound Transit to levy or impose more taxes. Sound Transit estimates the average adult will pay $169 in taxes each year to fund the project, according to the Seattle Times.
  • Authorize $54 million in funding transit improvements
  • More park-and-ride spaces
  • 62 more miles of light rail

Combined total:

Approved: 54.46%

Rejected: 45.54%

lightrail Washington State Election Results


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