UPDATE (Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 11:17 a.m. PT) — The MLB has also issued a statement in response to proposed legislation that would permit guns in Seattle stadiums.

According to Forbes, MLB Chief Communications Officer Patrick Courtney said “Major League Baseball is committed to providing a safe environment at all our ballparks and believes that our current policy is the right one for all of our fans.”

An earlier version of this story is below.

SEATTLE (CBS) – Three lawmakers in Washington State have proposed a bill that would allow people with a concealed carry license to bring guns into sports arenas.

Currently, Seattle’s major stadiums — CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, and Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners — prohibit all weapons. However, House Bill 1015 would keep a public facilities district (like a sports stadium) from banning guns if the owner has a valid concealed carry permit.

“We haven’t seen the proposed legislation but we have a policy forbidding carrying a weapon into NFL stadiums,” the NFL told the Washington Post Sunday.

Republican representatives Matt Shea, David Taylor, and Bob McCaslin are the proponents of the law.

The law would apply to any local government entity, which would also include convention centers.

The proposed law is already being met with a wave of criticism, especially considering the NFL’s strict guidelines regarding other items. The league’s current policy requires fans to have clear bags, and prohibits purses, diaper bags, outside beverages, noisemakers, footballs, sticks to hold signs, and most seat cushions.

Critics also argue the proposed law would add another dangerous layer to an existing issue: fan violence at games.

The Washington Post reported in October that fan arrests on a per-game basis at NFL games has trended upward since 2011 (though it is fair to note the same study finds Seattle at the bottom tier of arrests per game). Should the law be approved, it may open the door to similar laws in other cities, where there are substantially more arrests per game (24.6 at Qualcomm Stadium, 22.5 at MetLife Stadium, and 17.8 at Oakland Alameda Coliseum).


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