Barry Wilner, Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) – Despite that ugly loss at Green Bay last weekend, the Seattle Seahawks are in strong position to secure the NFC West crown Thursday night.

It’s hard to picture the Rams, who just fired coach Jeff Fisher following an equally distasteful loss to Atlanta, getting in Seattle’s way.

If the host Seahawks win or tie Thursday night and Arizona loses or ties Sunday, the race is done.

The short turnaround is a mixed blessing to Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman. He vehemently dislikes Thursday night games, saying they are a danger to player safety. But getting to forget the blowout at the hands of the Packers comes easier with another game on tap so quickly.

“It’s no different than any other loss, honestly,” Sherman says. “It doesn’t hurt any less if you lose by 20 or by two. They hurt just as bad, it’s a loss. It felt the same as any other loss.”

The Rams not only lost 42-14 to the Falcons, which tied Fisher with Dan Reeves for most regular-season coaching losses, but they saw Fisher lose his job the next day. How will they react?

“It was tough,” running back Todd Gurley says. “It was tough on a lot of guys. Coach Fisher, he did a great job. He brought everybody in. We loved him as a coach. We know a lot of other people didn’t.

“But, at the end of the day, we knew what he did for us. He brought us in. He’s the one who drafted me when nobody else believed in me. It definitely hit us hard, for sure.”

Seattle (No. 7 in AP Pro32) is a 15-point favorite over the reeling Rams. Doubt the coaching change makes much difference, especially against an angry bunch of Seahawks.


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