Games between the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams are notorious for featuring unorthodox special teams play. And Thursday’s match up was no different.

In the late stages of the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s 24-3 win over LA, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan went out on fourth and two to punt the ball away. Yet after seeing a wide open lane up the middle of the field, Ryan tucked the football and took off to pick up the first down

However, it wasn’t the fake punt itself that got all the attention, but what transpired after Ryan made his way downfield.

After running for a big gain, Ryan suddenly lost control of the football. In the process of regaining control, he fell to the ground and took a shot to the helmet from first year cornerback Troy Hill.

Ryan stayed down for several minutes before getting up and walking to the sidelines under the watchful eye of trainers.

The bobble proves that holding on to a football is way tougher than it looks if your not used to it. Freeze frame images of the play quickly made their way around Twitter.

The play ultimately went for 26 yards, the longest run of the game for either team. While Ryan had to make a trip to the hospital after the game, it was good to see his spirits still high.

Head coach Pete Carroll gave an update on Ryan following the game: “He got a concussion.  So, we’re going to check him out, take him to the hospital and all that.  He was pretty loopy, so it’s unfortunate.




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