By Tyler Thomas

Earlier this week, former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was featured in a Skittles video promoting the Super Bowl in Houston…

Except it wasn’t Houston, Texas he was in. It was Houston, Scotland.

Seriously. How does this guy not already have his own TV show?

Lynch had a solid 10-year career in the NFL that included over 9,000 rushing yards, 83 total touchdowns, and a Super Bowl title with the Seahawks in 2013. And while his play on the field could one day land him in the Hall of Fame, it was his shy personality yet honest disposition that kept everyone asking “What will Marshawn do next?”

Whether it was giving the media the cold shoulder, celebrating with his teammates, or just plain having fun, fans could always count on Lynch for a smile and a good laugh.

Here are the five best Marshawn Lynch moments:

5. The Legend Is Born

Coming out of high school, Lynch had already begun to shine as a budding, young star. His hard nose running style wasn’t the only thing that followed him to the NFL though. Even at 18, Lynch was a gem in front of the camera.

4. Taste the Rainbow

Whether on or off the field, Marshawn Lynch was never too far away from a pack of Skittles. After retiring this past off season, Lynch has gotten more involved with the colorful candy, doing several well timed commercials.


3. Beast Mode vs. Nature

Sure he’s taken on Lions, Bears, Falcons, and Rams…

But what happens when you pit Lynch against against the elements and actual wildlife?

Last September, Lynch joined survivalist Bear Grylls on his celebrity nature adventure show “Running Wild” and had a chance to experience surviving in the wild. Hunting wild boar, repelling down a rock face, starting a fire with one of his dreads; Beast Mode did it all.


2. “I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined”

It may go down as one of the greatest Super Bowl interviews of all time.

As the Seahawks geared up to take on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, Lynch took the podium during media day for a long-awaited interview. Wearing his “Beast Mode” hat (which he was ironically fined for), Lynch used the opportunity to let everyone know that, even though they were asking questions, he was still running the show.

For nearly five minutes, ever question he was asked, the running back responded with “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Lynch fulfilled his obligation, and arguably gave the media even more to talk about.


1. “Final Drive of the Game”

Ok, so technically this was still an on-field moment. But’s it fully embodies Marshawn Lynch as a whole. He was always himself, and never let anyone change that.

In a late October game in 2006 against the University of Washington, Lynch scored the final touchdown in California’s 31-24 overtime-win over the Huskies. Lynch celebrated his 150-yard performance by jumping in the medical cart and driving it around the field.

He would later reprise his role this year, as Cal hosted Washington on Nov. 6. Bobbleheads featured Lynch’s iconic moment and he lead the team out of the tunnel on the cart.

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