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Older homes come with beautiful character and history, but, as we all know, they can also come with problems. Leaking roofs, cracked foundations, these are all things included in a general inspection. But have you thought about inspecting the sewer?

Why is a sewer line inspection important?

A sewer inspection is not typically included in a general home inspection, but it is just as important.  Like any other home repairs, the time to discover a sewer problem is before buying the home. In older homes, this is especially true.

Tree roots are the most common cause of sewer line problems, especially in older homes.

Over time, roots will crawl into tiny holes in the sewer line, and as the root increases in size, so does the hole. Debris and waste can accumulate on the root and cause clogs which can cause broken sewer lines.

Before purchasing your new home, have the sewer lines inspected.  A professional plumber will be able to tell you if anything needs to be repaired or if there are any red flags that could be future problems down the road. The cost of an inspection is money well spent if it can rule out potential threats or alert you to current damage.

Jim Dandy Sewer is the oldest established Puget Sound sewer contractor and plumbing company. We have served our community since 1908. If you need an emergency sewer or plumbing service, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with fast emergency drain cleaning, quick sewer contractor services, and complete plumbing services.


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