Tyler Gunhus, Stacy Rost & Amanda Snyder

SEATTLE (CBS) — Seattle may have a penchant for finding undrafted gems (take star wide receiver Doug Baldwin as a recent example) but make no mistake: this team has relied on the draft just as much as any other for some of its greatest players.

Perhaps nothing highlights the ability of John Schneider and Pete Carroll to sniff out phenomenal talent in late rounds more than Seattle’s lauded 2012 draft class. But how do these recently-drafted stars compare to the Hall of Fame and franchise players of past drafts?

The 2017 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday, March 27 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Each day leading up to the Draft, we will release a top-12 Seahawks draft pick, counting down to the player that is – in our opinion – the best draft pick in Seahawks history.

How This Works

We tried not to make this list too subjective, so we relied on a four-step rating system during our evaluations. Each category receives a score from 0-5:

  1. Franchise impact

What were the situations surrounding the player joining the organization? Did he help lead the team to the playoffs or a championship? Did he establish himself as a household name around the Seattle area? How much does (or did) he contribute to the team’s overall success? Essentially: is he a Seahawks great?

  1. Longevity

Did the player put in a full career’s worth of play? How long was he in Seattle with the organization? Was he a healthy and reliable option?

  1. Career Stats

This one is pretty isolated to performance on the field. Where does the player’s stats rank among others at the same position? What records does he hold?

  1. Context

This is ultimately the deciding factor in the ranking process. Was he a first round, top-5 pick? Or did Seattle find value later on in the draft? Call it luck, call it skill at evaluating talent; either way, finding a franchise player in the later rounds speaks volumes to both the athlete and the organization.


Here’s when you can expect each “top pick” to be posted:

No. 12 — Joey Galloway

No. 11 — Steve Hutchinson

No. 10 — Curt Warner

No. 9 — Jacob Green

No. 8 — Kam Chancellor

No. 7 — Michael Sinclair

No. 6 — Earl Thomas

No. 5 — Cortez Kennedy

No. 4 — Kenny Easley

No. 3 — Shaun Alexander

No. 2 — Richard Sherman

No. 1 — Walter Jones and Russell Wilson



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