Drafted: 1980 NFL Draft, First Round (10th overall)

Career Stats: Seahawks All-Time Sacks Leader, 176 game starts, 97.5 career sacks, two-time Pro Bowl selection, Seahawks Ring of Honor member

NFL records are hard to break for a reason. So it should come as no surprise that – despite having the best defensive unit in its history – the Seattle Seahawks all-time sack record hasn’t been touched for 25 years.

Its owner? That would be Seahawks legend and Ring of Honor member Jacob Green.

gettyimages 2719767 Greatest Seahawks Draft Picks, No. 9: Jacob Green

1985: Defensive end Jacob Green #79 (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Green, whom the Seahawks selected 10th overall in the 1980 NFL Draft out of Texas A&M, left Seattle with 97.5 career sacks (116 unofficially, since sacks weren’t an official NFL statistic his first two years in the league). Green also holds the record for most opponent fumble recoveries (17).

gettyimages 2720991 Greatest Seahawks Draft Picks, No. 9: Jacob Green

(Owen C. Shaw, Getty Images)

In addition to his 97.5 (116 unofficially) career sacks and 17 fumble recoveries, Green recorded three interceptions and two touchdowns in his 12-year career with Seattle. He was also a two-time Pro Bowl selection, First-team All-Pro (1983), and Second-team All-Pro (1984).

Green was inducted into the Seahawks Ring of Honor in 1995.


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