SEATTLE (CBS) – A student is in custody after reportedly bringing a gun to campus Wednesday, according to the Seattle Times.

The Mason County Sheriff’s office responded to a report of an active shooter at Hawkins Middle School in Belfair, Wash, though shortly afterward the North Mason School District Superintendent confirmed that there was no active shooter situation.

The student in custody is a senior at neighboring North Mason High School.

The Mason County police, who are working to clear the school, Tweeted that no injuries have been found.

The North Mason School District has since posted an update to Facebook:

“The district is continuing in lock-down while law enforcement thoroughly searches the campus. There have been no shots fired, no sign of any shooter. Although a time will not be set for student release until the search is completed, families who live south of the district will re-unify with students at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Belwood Ln, families living north of campus will meet at the Theler Center.”

Students are being reunited with their parents.

Locations listed below:





This story was corrected to clarify the student taken into custody was a high school senior and not a middle school student.


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