By Tyler Thomas

SEATTLE (CBS) — The 2017 NFL Draft is in the books, and the Seattle Seahawks added a haul of 11 former collegiate players to their ranks.

See what some of the newest Seahawks had to say just moments after being drafted by Seattle:

—2nd-round pick, C Ethan Pocic (LSU):

On how playing in the SEC prepared him for the NFL…
“You’re going up against SEC talent every week, so it’s a lot, so that’s why I chose to go to SEC, I thought I’d choose to go to LSU to play against the best in practice and play against the best on Saturdays.”

On who his idols are and why…
“Probably my dad and my brother. Just their work and everything they do, they put into it, and my dad is a firefighter for 29 years and my brother played ball, so just watching them and learn from them, whether it’s hard work or something about football. I’d say both of them.”

—3rd-round pick, CB Shaquill Griffin (Central Florida)

On his emotions when he got the call from the Seahawks…
“I felt like I was a kid. I was so excited just to get the call. I could see it in my mom’s face. She started to cry, and my auntie and my grandma, just the emotion is so hard to explain when you’ve been waiting for a situation like this for so long in my life. I’ve just been dreaming of this moment and it’s finally coming true, I can’t explain that emotion that I had when I got that phone call.”

—3rd-round pick, S Delano Hill (Michigan)

On the strangest thing he’s seen Jim Harbaugh do…
“The strangest thing I think- I can tell you the funniest thing he’s done. One day we were at practice, a receiver run the route wrong and he got mad so he tried to demonstrate, and it was an out and up, so he tried to run it out, then he tried to run up and he pulled his hamstring. You could see on his face he was hurt but he tried to play it off, but he was really hurt. That was probably the funniest thing because I was laughing so hard. I was laughing so hard.”

—3rd-round pick, DT Nazair Jones (UNC)

On the proccess of dealing with CRPS…
“It was a long road. It took almost two months for me to even get a diagnosis. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is so different, and it is so uncommon, that some of my doctors had never heard of it and had never diagnosed anyone with it. It took me a long time to do that, but it wasn’t until my redshirt Freshman year at North Carolina where I felt back to 100 percent. I played my Senior season football, basketball and track, still recovering, but just trying my best.”

—3rd-round pick, WR Amara Darboh (Michigan)

On what he remembers about growing up in Sierra Leone…
“I moved when I was seven so I remember – fortunately for me – I remember the good parts right before we left. I remember playing soccer with my older brothers. I remember the food. I remember family members. I remember going to the market with my brothers and sisters and stuff like that.”

—6th-round pick, S Mike Tyson 

On if he gets asked a lot about being named Mike Tyson…
 “I probably get that question at least once a day.   If I meet anybody new, that is one of the first questions they ask me.  Am I related to Mike Tyson, can I fight like Mike Tyson, or who is the real Mike Tyson?  When they ask me who is the real Mike Tyson, I tell them that both are real.  It’s just that he boxes, and I play football.  We play two different sports, but we have the same name.”

—7th-round pick, WR David Moore

On if he thought he would get drafted…
 “No, not at all.  When it got to seventh round, I thought I’m just looking for free agency.  There was nothing wrong with that, I was just trying to get to a camp, honestly.”


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