CBS Local – In 2015, there were more than 11 times more people in prisons and jails for drug offenses than in 1980, according to The Sentencing Project. Each state has its own drug issues, but which state has the largest problem?

A recent survey from WalletHub scored all 50 states, plus Washington D.C., and comprised them into a list with factors such as Drug Use and Addiction, Drug Health Issues and Rehab plus Law Enforcement to figure out the states most plagued by drugs.

They found that Washington D.C. had the biggest drug problem, ranking first ahead of Vermont and Colorado in second and third respectively. Surprisingly, the states that border D.C., Maryland and Virginia, rank much lower, with Maryland in 18th and Virginia in 41st.

The best three states were found to be Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska, in that order. North Dakota and Washington rounded out the bottom five, for the states with the lowest drug problem.

South Dakota, Wyoming and Delaware has the best ratings for law enforcement while Tennesse, Rhode Island and Alabama has the worst.

Colorado, D.C. and Vermont had the highest percentage of drug use in teenagers, whereas Iowa and both Dakotas had the lowest percentage. The difference between the most and least is more than three times.

New Jersey has the worst problem with kids being offered, sold or given drugs on school property, with Nevada and Arizona the next two. The most drug free school zones are Iowa, Maine and Oklahoma.

West Virginia, New Hampshire, Kentucky and Ohio have the most overdoses per capita, with Nebraska, the Dakotas and Texas having the least overdoses per capita.