CBS Local — Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas matched on Tinder three years ago. A long-running joke and a few messages later, Tinder is paying for the pair to finally have that first date — in Maui.

Avsec initially messaged Arendas in September 2014, and her response came two months later with a joke that her “phone died.” They each sent one more message within a day, before Avsec continued the joke, taking two months to respond because he was “in the shower.”

From there, the pair would intermittently send the rare message months apart.

Then, Avsec shared the joke on Twitter where it went viral.

Arendas saw the tweet and responded.

The official Tinder account on Twitter decided to up the ante.

Avsec and Arendas played along. They decided they’d have a first date in Maui, and Tinder is actually going to make it happen on the company’s dime.

Slow and steady wins the race– or a free trip to Maui.