By Karen Ulvestad

The best places to meet new people is to become part of a group with shared interests. Seattle is home to many clubs, groups, volunteer opportunities, and classes to meet new friends. These groups range from environmental oriented to activity focused opportunities, and there is an opportunity for all beliefs to meet new people or generate new friendships.

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Conservation Northwest
1829 10th Ave. W., Suite B
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 675-9747

Conservation Northwest is a great place to meet new people, and help the environment too. This conservation group works through-out Washington state, and offers opportunities to volunteer to help the environment. Some of the groups activities involves protecting wildlife and their habitats, restoring habitat, and teaching healthy environmental practices. The volunteer activities vary through out the region, and offer opportunities to meet like-minded people. This group does require a yearly membership fee.

Puget Sound Camera Club
19523 84th Ave. W.
Edmonds, WA 98020
(206) 719-1782

The Puget Sound Camera Club meets in Edmonds, just north of Seattle. This group meets monthly, and organizes outings to shoot photographs. It is a great place to meet other individuals who enjoy photography, and improve photography skills. The meetings are the 2nd Monday for digital projection images, and 4th Monday for print images. The board meetings happen on the 3rd Monday, and any 5th Mondays are educational nights for the group. Each month gives a different photo assignment to its members. This group does require a yearly membership fee.

The Mountaineers
7700 Sandpoint Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 521-6000

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The Mountaineers are a group that focuses on hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities. The group started in the 1906, and continues today meeting the needs of current members. The organization is still growing with the continuing interest in outdoor activities. This is one of the best places to go for outdoor classes, learning new skills, and meeting people who share a similar interest in outdoor activities. Conservation and teaching are a big part of the group. The activities are noted for adults, youth, or families. This group does require a yearly membership fee.

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Cascade Bicycling Club
7787 62nd Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 522-3222

The Cascade Bicycling Club offers activities throughout the Puget Sound area. This is a great place to meet people who love bicycling. The group is a non-profit offering classes, rides, and an online blog. Biking tours, the Seattle Bike Swap, and a winter presentation series are a few of the opportunities offered to members through-out the year. The group is active in improving biking safety and teaching bikers how to stay safe on the road. This group does require a yearly membership fee.

Exit Space School Of Dance
414 N.E. 72nd St.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 949-8643

The Exit Space School of Dance offers opportunities to meet others through their extensive list of adult dance classes. The dance studio is run by a choreographer and director, who specializes in teaching jazz, tap, hip hop, and modern dance. The staff shares in this knowledge and love of dance, teaching students with passion and enthusiasm. The classes are a great place to meet others who enjoy dance. Classes include ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, tap, and yoga. The cost varies with class.

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