CBS Local — One of the worst years in recent memory for the customer service sector of the air travel industry may have just gotten even worse. Officials in Nice, France are investigating after a passenger holding a baby was allegedly punched by an airport employee.

The July 29 incident reportedly ignited after passengers of an EasyJet flight to London were forced to wait in the terminal for over 12 hours.

Several passengers of flight EZY2122 confronted EasyJet and airport staff over the lack of information about the full-day delay. A couple reportedly got into a heated exchange about the lack of food for the children waiting.

That’s when the staffer was seen striking the father holding his baby. Many passengers were recording the argument with their phones and posted the violent scene on social media.

EasyJet is denying that man works for their airline; saying in a statement that he is part of Nice airport’s special assistance provider, Samsic. Samsic is contracted to provide help to disabled passengers. The airline added they were “urgently” seeking answers into the assault and also blamed the delay on a technical issue aboard the plane.

Saturday’s scuffle in Nice is one of several embarrassing moments that have rocked the airline industry in 2017. In April, United Airlines passenger David Dao was violently dragged off his overbooked flight. Video of that incident sparked national outage and congressional hearings into the treatment of airline passengers.