CBS Local — There is endless amounts of money spent on sleep aids, mattresses, pillows and blankets with the goal of improving quality of sleep. But, according to a new study, the best way to get a good night’s sleep is having a purpose in life.

Researchers from Northwestern University surveyed more than 800 people about their life’s purpose and their quality of sleep. They found that those who self-reported having a purpose in life were 63 percent less likely to have sleep apnea, with better sleep quality.

“Helping people cultivate a purpose in life could be an effective drug-free strategy to improve sleep quality, particularly for a population that is facing more insomnia,” said senior author Jason Ong, via Northwestern. “Purpose in life is something that can be cultivated and enhanced through mindfulness therapies.”

Authors of the study say that the next step would be to use therapy rather than prescription drugs to help those who suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea.