CBS Local– Being the main breadwinner for a family is daunting for many, but according to a new study, men are worse off health wise mentally and physically when they are the main source of income in their home.

Researchers studied the effect of household income dynamics on health and happiness, and sifted through 15 years of data on heterosexual married couples between 18 and 32 years old. They found that men had worse psychological and health scores when they contributed more than their partners rather than when the contributions were equal.

“Our study contributes to a growing body of research that demonstrates the ways in which gendered expectations are harmful for men too,” lead author Christin Munsch said via Time. “Men are expected to be breadwinners, yet providing for one’s family with little or no help has negative repercussions.”

One hypothesis that Munsch has is that men feel more pressure to simply make money, which may lead to taking jobs they don’t necessarily want.

“Men may be more likely to climb the corporate ladder and make more money because they feel like that’s their role,” Munsch said. “Women don’t feel that social expectation, so I think they’re more likely to only go after jobs they really want.”