By Matt Citak

Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark was booted from practice on Thursday after he punched right tackle Germain Ifedi, an incident that sparked a brief brawl between offensive and defensive players.

An initial fight broke out between offensive lineman Will Pericak and defensive tackle Rodney Cole, but both sides appeared to settle down and were preparing to continue practice. However, that is when Ifedi and Clark began exchanging words.

Clark threw a punch at the face of Ifedi, who was not wearing a helmet at the time and fell to the ground. This led to an all-out melee that saw players pushing and shoving each other. The sides were eventually separated by Seattle’s coaches, but Ifedi stayed on the ground for several minutes.

“I’m disappointed we had a couple guys get after it today,” head coach Pete Carroll told ESPN after practice. “There is no room for fighting in football. It is not part of this game, not supposed to be part of this game. And we frown upon that very heavily, so real disappointed that that happened today. We have to learn and get better and be right.”

An assistant coach escorted Clark to the locker room after the brawl. Ifedi was briefly tended to on the sideline before being taken inside as well.

The two players had exchanged words and shoves during a different drill earlier in Thursday’s practice.

“It’s not OK, and it shouldn’t be part of it,” said Carroll. “You can’t do it in a game. You get ejected — just what you saw happened. Somebody can get hurt, which you saw happen. So we’ve taken a big stance against it and are really disappointed that it happened on Day 4 here.”

Carroll told reporters Ifedi was OK, but did not provide any details on the extent of the offensive tackle’s injury.