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Cold War Kids like to have fun, especially in Reno Tahoe.

Based in Southern California, vocalist Nathan Willett and bassist Matt Maust are used to sunshine, making them right at home in Reno Tahoe, where they have discovered more than just casinos. They have embraced its culture, which includes a diverse arts scene, good food, great bars and people visiting from around the world to enjoy all that is offered.

Relaxing on the lake, Willet explains that the band spends most of its time on a tour bus. “But a day like this in nature surrounded by sand is pretty special.” With crystal clear water, blue skies and a perfect temperature, the guys enjoy exploring the area on jet skis.

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the United States. Visitors can jet ski on the water, combining breathtaking views with an adrenaline rush. “I had never been on a jet ski and I want one now,” Maust said after his time on the lake.

Ready for more recreation, the band was ready to take the scenic 45-mile drive from Lake Tahoe to Reno.

Walking along the Riverwalk District with the Truckee River running through the city of Reno, the pair discovered that there are so many activities on land and in the water.

“We spend so much of our life in a hotel that oftentimes to go on vacation and stay in a hotel, it feels like, what’s the point? We definitely want to get out and be in a city that has something new going on,” Willet stated. The guys like to try new cuisines, check out the history in museums, explore culture, listen to live music and find people exchanging ideas.

The Dining District along The Riverwalk features eclectic culinary options including Thai, Mexican, American and Italian with favorites such as pizza, chocolate, comfort menu items and several food trucks. Visitors can visit several farm-to-table restaurants to enjoy a meal made with fresh ingredients from local Reno-area farms. Top the meal off with a beverage, whether it’s a beer from one of the breweries in the city’s growing craft brew scene, or a coffee from one of the Riverwalk’s cafes.

For guests looking to work up an appetite, there are various activities to enjoy in downtown Reno, like biking, shopping and viewing Burning Man art and sculptures. Visitors can even enjoy water activities like kayaking or river rafting. There are eight parks and public plazas along The Riverwalk where guests can sit on the grass and people watch or maybe sing along with visitors.

While doing what they love to do, Willett and Maust appreciate their time in Reno Tahoe to relax, let loose and have fun. Cold War Kids were in Reno as part of their World Tour.

To learn more about activities in the area, visit www.VisitRenoTahoe.com.


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