I drove the NX when it was first introduced a couple of years ago I wasn’t blown away, mostly because of the harsh suspension. Well, I guess I wasn’t the only winer, because Lexus has done some tweaking to make the ride a little softer in this SUV loosely based on the Toyota RAV 4. That was the first thing I noticed after a few miles in this bright molten pearl NX.

The exterior is as polarizing as ever with the giant spindle grill and chissled angels. It sure gets a lot of looks, especially in the crazy color mind was painted. And I should mention that Lexus paint is beautiful. My tester was outfitted with the F Sport trim that gives you extras like sport tuned suspension, perforated leather seats, that are super comfortable, and good looking 18 inch F Sport wheels.

The 2.0-liter engine makes 225-horsepower. I didn’t notice a bit of dreaded turbo lag. There are three driving modes that actually changes the driving dynamics, unlike a lot of other vehicles I’ve tested over the years with the same claims. ECO is for responsible driving, normal, for normal drivers and sport mode for you sporty Lexus racers. Sorry if that was too technical.

The interiors fit and finish is first rate. I am still not a fan of the touch pad infotainment controller. I never got the hang of it. I always touched too hard or too fast and it went to a different command than I intended. Maybe you have to live with the system for more than a week to get all the touchy nuances down.

Everything else is beautiful and works well. It’s a posh place to hang out and the leather smells delicious.

With more than decent driving dynamics, a ton of safety features and depending on your taste, a good looking exterior, this little high end sport utility vehicle should be on your short list.

Price for my tester came in at $46,439.00

Mike West CBS


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