2017 Mazda CX-9

If you and your family are going to spend a lot of time in a three-row vehicle, you outa have a little fun along the way.

This is my second go-around driving the largest vehicle in the Mazda lineup. There’s nothing new for 2017 other than continued zoom-zoom driving pleasure.

The CX-9 comes with a 2.5-liter 250-horsepower turbocharged four cylinder engine connected to a buttery smooth shifting six-speed transmission. You can take your pick of front or all wheel drive.

I think the big Mazda is an awesome looking vehicle. The front grill with that large opening and squinty LED eyes is striking. Mazda calls their design language Kodo “Soul Of Motion”. You can see the same philosophy in the CX-3 and the just redesigned and gorgeous CX-5.

It is the interior of the 9 that impresses me the most. If you didn’t know you were sitting in Mazda, you might mistake the interior for something born in Germany. The materials are first rate. Everything feels upscale and solid. The leather seats in my tester were extremely comfortable and supple. The infotainment controls are similar to BMW’s system and that’s a good thing. The 8-inch screen that jets out of the dashboard is crisp and easy to read.

My car also included the head up display, which again looked a lot like BMW’s system. Yes, also a good thing. The powered lift gate may sound frivolous, but it sure came in handy when we took out grandson to the zoo an pushing a button on the key-fob while holding the little one. We used the rear of the car for a changing table!

The Mazda is great fun to drive, especially for a big boy like the CX-9. There’s a lot of sound deadening that makes freeway cruising a very quiet experience. There’s also a lot of glass which is great for visibility and dark Seattle days.

You can take your pick between four trim levels, from Sport to Signature AWD, which is what I drove. Sticker price with all the safety features, Napa leather and more totaled over $44,000.00.

Money well spent for a premium vehicle that is safe and fun to drive with kids or without.

Great job Mazda.

Mike West CBS


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