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CBS Local — While work and money are common sources of stress for many people, a new survey has found that they have company as the top stressful subjects for Americans.

A report from the American Psychological Association (APA) says the future of the country was the most stressful topic for Americans to think about. Of the 3,500 adults polled, 63 percent said the issue was a significant source of their stress. Concerns over money finished second with 62 percent and work issues followed with 61 percent.

The results follow up on the APA’s survey from last year, which found that 52 percent of Americans were stressed out about the 2016 presidential election. Americans among the losing side of that contest were even more affected according to the 2017 results. 73 percent of people identifying as Democrats said they were very stressed when thinking about the country’s future. 56 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of independents felt the same way.

“With 24-hour news networks and conversations with friends, family and other connections on social media, it’s hard to avoid the constant stream of stress around issues of national concern,” APA’s CEO Arthur C. Evans Jr. said in the report. The survey added that six in 10 Americans stated that the current level of social divisiveness caused their stress when thinking about the nation. The same number of people considered this the lowest point in U.S. history that they could remember.

The survey did find that more than half of those surveyed had channeled their stress into supporting a new cause this year. 51 percent of Americans polled said that they were inspired to volunteer in a cause they valued because of their current perceptions of the U.S.