Vivica A. Fox and the Truth Team are back again tomorrow with an all-new episode of Face The Truth. On this Thursday’s episode the team dives into the story of a love child drama 3 years in the making.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Fox earlier today to get the 4-1-1 on tomorrow’s episode, her favorite story of the season so far and even a prediction for Super Bowl LIII.

MW- Good morning Vivica, how are you today?

VF- I’m excellent and yourself today?

MW- A little chilly here in New York but we’re doing alright!

VF- Woo my goodness, well I’m sending some California warmth your way!

MW- Much appreciated! Aside from talking about the weather we’re here today to talk about Face The Truth, new episode tomorrow featuring the story of a love child drama 30 years in the making. What can you tell us about this situation?

VF- This is the the thing with Face The Truth, we are dealing with folks in all kinds of story lines that are very interesting. So we’ve got a love child that is discovered 30 years later that myself and the Truth Team, Areva Martin, Judge Scary Mary, Dr. Judy Ho and Rosie Mercado are going to try to help this family out with where did this child come from 30 years later and help them face the truth!

MW- And the crux of the everything here is the mother, Janelle, wants the father, John, to sign their child’s birth certificate. Where do you fall on this decision?

VF- I think listen, if we find out that John really is the father, that’s the least he can do. The good thing is the father and child have a decent relationship but it’s the one thing that the mother needed, she needed some closure. They all needed to move forward. The mother was kind of living in the past, holding onto the past.

I always tell people you need to look forward to receive your best blessings. If you keep looking in the past you’re just going to keep banging your head against a brick wall. We really want to help this mother to move on and get some closure.

MW- Looking ahead a bit, what other topics do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

VF- Oh Matt, we are so glad it’s going into February and we are going to be all about love. We are going to have some fun on the show and will be doing a little match maker for our Judge Scary Mary and get her a date. We’ve got some couples in crisis as well. February is going to be all about family and having fun!

MW- We got a chance to speak a few months ago and now the show has really hit it’s stride and you’ve found your groove on Face The Truth. What’s been your favorite story to be featured on the show so far?

VF- One of my favorite stories on the show this season was we had a mom that showed up 12 years later after abandoning her daughter. She connected with her daughter on Facebook and the daughter was so caught off guard. She was so surprised to see her mother pop up out of nowhere on Facebook, so that was a really great, interesting show!

MW- You mentioned that we’re getting into February now which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching but here at CBS we have another big date in February with the Super Bowl this Sunday. Can I get a prediction from you before we go?

VF- Yes! You know your girl is from LA so go Rams! I want the Rams to win by four. It’ll be 28-24 Rams, I kind of cheated a little bit off of Tony Romo to be honest with you but go Rams!

MW- Lock it in Rams over Patriots 28-24. Thank you so much Vivica and enjoy the rest of your day!

VF- Thank you and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday this weekend, Matt!

Catch an all-new episode of Face The Truth on Thursday, January 31st. Check your local listings for more information.