PHOENIX (CBS Local) — An Arizona woman is warning moms to be on high alert after her 9-month-old daughter got sick drinking formula that she believes was tampered with.

Madeline Roque says she bought baby formula from a Walmart store in Phoenix last month. But when she prepared a bottle, her daughter, Adeline, didn’t want to drink it.

“I just thought she was going through the teething process, which she gets cranky,” Rogue told KPNX.

Rogue made a second and third bottle before she started to notice “something was definitely wrong.”

“She was throwing up throughout the whole day, passing a lot of gas,” she said.

Rogue said the formula was white instead of the usual delicate yellow tint and the consistency was lighter as well.

“Then when I poured the bottle in the sink, and I saw how it got. That’s when it just hit me. I saw how it clumped up, and in my head, I’m like my daughter’s stomach is just the same, or even worse,” she said.

Rogue believes the formula was flour.

Rogue took Adeline to the doctor after she started throwing up, passing gas and having diarrhea. Luckily, Adeline is expected to be OK.

Walmart said it is investigating the incident. A spokesperson said it is against store policy to put returned food products back on shelves, regardless of the condition.

Local police have investigated other cases of people reportedly buying baby formula, which can be expensive, swapping out for flour, then returning it for cash.