WASHINGTON (CBS Local) — A mother of triplets says she was run over by a car as she tried to stop a man stealing $1,500 of her children’s Girl Scout cookie money.

Traci Brown of Washington, D.C., says she was helping two of her triplet daughters sell Girl Scout cookies to passersby Monday afternoon in front of their Capitol Hill home when two customers offered bills of $100 and $50.

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The customers needed change for the big bills, so she went in and brought out a money bag, made the sale, and then stashed the cash in her car.

“I put the bag of money up under the passenger seat,” she told WJLA.

Brown was dealing with one of her daughters when a helper suddenly called out that a man was stealing the money.

“I was like, ‘Oh, my god.’ So, I tried to grab him by his dreadlocks, and they slipped out of my hands. So, I ran around the front of my car and tried to, unfortunately, foolishly, take the money from him,” she said.

Brown said she was wrestling with the man, trying to get the money back, when he knocked her down. She says he then ran over her with a white Hyundai as he made his getaway.

Fortunately, she was not seriously injured.

“The kids shouldn’t be seeing stuff like that, and no one should be stealing from the Girls Scouts,” she said. “This is a charitable organization. It’s not even me or my money. And now I have to figure out how to give the Girl Scouts their money back.”

Brown says the bag had so much money in it because she had meant to turn it in to the Girl Scouts representative at church on Sunday but missed the woman.

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It’s not clear what happened to the thief. Brown says police told her the suspect’s vehicle had been stolen minutes earlier after its driver left it running outside a convenience store.