WITTENBERG, Wis. (CBS Local) — A farm in Wisconsin is celebrating the birth of a goat with two heads.

Janus was born April 5 at Nueske Farms LLC in Wittenberg.

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“It’s [named] after a Greek god that has two head, and it’s for duality, beginning and ending. I thought it fit pretty well,” Janus’ owner, Jocelyn Nueske, told CBS affiliate WSAW.

Janus eats from a bottle and yes, if you’re wondering, both heads eat.

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The Nueske family believes the goat was going to be an identical twin, but the eggs weren’t able to fully split.

They’ve had about 1,000 goats born on the farm this year and Janus was the only one with two faces.

The family added that the goat has a 50-50 chance of living. They hope Janus lives because they want to keep him as a pet in their yard and give him special treatment since he’s a unique goat.

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The farm has been sharing photos and videos of the goat on its Facebook page.