(CBS Local)– “The Jersey Shore” has been a phenomenon ever since it first came on the air in 2009 and the crew is still going strong in 2021 with a brand new season of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” premiering tonight on MTV.

Vinny, Angelina, JWoww, Deena, The Situation and Pauly D head to the Poconos for a winter vacation and all of their friends, kids and significant others make the trip as well. The gang even gets a little surprise visit from their old friend Snooki. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith caught up with Vinny and Angelina to discuss the new season of the show and what fans can expect.

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“This was our first winter vacation and it’s funny because we have done so much stuff together, but we have never really been in the snow together,” said Guadagnino. “It was interesting to see who could rough it out in the snow and in the cold. It was super funny and it’s hard for us to get all together nowadays. It’s a celebration and there’s also all the drama that has been built up. It’s always going to be crazy and wild and we really delivered.”

“It was really cold and I’m not used to that. I like warmer weather and I obviously love the Jersey Shore,” said Pivarnick. “To put all of us in a place with snow, it was so cold. It was so different for all of us. We’ve never done that before and eventually I got used to it, but it was too cold for any of us there.”

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While Snooki hasn’t been on the show in a couple of years, Guadagnino and Pivarnick felt like it was easy to pick things back up again with their friend once she arrived to the Poconos.

“It was like she never left,” said Guadagnino. “We’ve done these family vacations before and sometimes it’s like who can’t show up or who is in jail or who is dealing with a new baby or whatever it is. Snooki is always part of my family and when she wasn’t on the show, we talked to her on the group chat every day. It seemed like she wasn’t gone, but when she did come back it feels like the family is whole again.”

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“I was very shocked to see Nicole come out of that cake,” said Pivarnick. “I was happy because I finally had somebody to drink with. Nicole has always been my drinking partner. Thank God because I finally have someone to drink cocktails with and have fun with.”