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Biden outlines economic plan saying saying country is at an "inflection point"President Biden is outlining his economic plan as Democrats push their tax proposal. CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Joel Payne joins CBSN's Tanya Rivero to analyze the president's ideas.
NPR: Federal government selling homes in flood-prone areasMore frequent flooding due to severe weather events has become a major concern in many American cities, but an NPR investigation found that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been selling homes in flood zones without fully disclosing the risk to buyers. A spokesperson for the agency told the outlet it requires people who buy these homes to get flood insurance if they want a mortgage backed by the department. Meanwhile, the federal government is spending millions of dollars to move people out of these flood-prone areas. Huo Jingnan, an assistant producer with the NPR investigations team, joins CBSN to discuss.
9/16: CBSN AM1 in 5 Americans have died from Covid-19; SpaceX launches first all-civilian crew into orbit.
CBSN Originals | Ghost Light: The Year Broadway Went DarkAfter Broadway's unprecedented 18-month pandemic shutdown, CBSN Originals' new documentary looks at how people on stage and behind the scenes pivoted to survive.
WSJ: Facebook research reveals dangers of Instagram on teen mental healthSenators Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn are vowing to hold Facebook accountable for the company's effects on young users, just days after the Wall Street Journal reported on a series of internal investigations the company allegedly conducted into Instagram's impact on teenage mental health. Deepa Seetharaman, a tech reporter at the Wall Street Journal, joined CBSN to discuss the outlet's findings.
Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will host "Jeopardy!"Bialik will host episodes from September 20 to November 5. After that, she'll split hosting duties with Jennings.
Derek Chauvin pleads not guilty to violating teen's civil rights in 2017Chauvin allegedly held the 14-year-old by the throat, hit him in the head with a flashlight and held his knee on the boy's neck and while he was prone, handcuffed and not resisting.
Growing number of U.S. suburbs is now dominated by rentersIn roughly a quarter of suburbs around America's big cities, the dream of homeownership has given way to rentership.
Asian Americans Battling Bias: Continuing CrisisCBSN's Elaine Quijano hosts a one-hour special on bias against Asian Americans, featuring roundtable discussions with Olivia Munn, Daniel Dae Kim, Cheryl Burke and other Asian American celebrities and thought leaders.
Employment in America: A Shifting WorkforceCBSN and CBS MoneyWatch present "Employment in America: A Shifting Workforce." The special, anchored by Lana Zak, takes a look at the state of employment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and includes valuable information for job seekers and career changers.