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Stimulus Package Update: Why Testing Language Is Holding Up ChecksNegotiations on a second stimulus package are stalled, and language on testing and tracing is at least partly to blame.
Pete Buttigieg Warns U.S. Facing 'Crisis' In New Book, 'Trust': Confidence In Country At 'Emergency Levels'"The former presidential candidate discusses the 2020 Presidential Election, what a Joe Biden administration would look like and his new Simon & Schuster audiobook "Trust."
'Stimulus Checks Are The Least Important,' When Drafting Aid Package, Says EconomistA second stimulus package is unlikely by election day, but removing stimulus checks entirely would save money and could help the parties make a deal.
Stimulus Package Update: While Politicians Negotiate, Economic Damage ContinuesWith negotiations on a second round of stimulus ongoing, the chance of a package that can pass both the House and Senate seems remote.
Alexandra Pelosi On Showtime Documentary 'American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself': 'Social Media Is Destroying Our Democracy'The daughter of Nancy Pelosi discusses her new Showtime documentary about a year in the life of America and what it was like to document everything from COVID-19 to protests over the death of George Floyd.
'Legal Equalizer' App Helps People Know Their Rights, Safely Interact With Police: 'Accountability On All Sides For Everybody'The Founder and CEO of the Legal Equalizer app hopes that it will help to de-escalate situations between police and citizens by providing accountability on all sides.

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Coronavirus relief deal still elusive as Pelosi details outstanding issuesPelosi placed the blame for the ongoing stalemate squarely on the Trump administration.
Breonna Taylor's family encourages people to vote at rallyThe family of victims of police violence, including Breonna Taylor's mother and aunt, urged residents to vote at a rally in Chicago.
Springsteen criticizes Trump's "nightmare" presidency"It is time for an exorcism in our nation's capital," Springsteen said on his radio show. "In just a few days, we'll be throwing the bums out."
10/29: CBSN AM3 dead in suspected terror attack in Nice, France; Jared Kushner audio sheds light on WH response
Rapper and activist Common is motivating a new generation of votersGrammy and Oscar winning rapper and songwriter Common joins CBSN anchor Tanya Rivero to talk about why he is encouraging young and marginalized voters to exercise their right to vote in 2020.
What's holding up your stimulus check? Here are the barriersHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are still awaiting a response on issues from unemployment to COVID testing.
2020 Election Live Updates: Biden and Trump head to FloridaThe two candidates are holding events in Tampa just hours apart.
At least 140 drown in deadliest shipwreck of yearAt least 414 people have now died along the same route this year, a U.N. agency said.
Families of police violence victims hold Get Out The Vote RallyThe families of 2020s most high profile police violence cases are banding together for a Chicago voting rally on Thursday.
Former Miss America Leanza Cornett dies at age 49The Jacksonville native, a mother of two, suffered a brain injury after a fall earlier this month.