How To Make Your Wedding More Eco-FriendlyJune is peak time for weddings. Invitations, flowers and food are among the things that drive up the cost. But they also can increase a celebration's toll on the environment, and for many couples, that's a big concern.
Pharrell Williams Advocates For Greener Jobs, Climate Change ActionPharrell Williams' push for measures that prevent climate change is picking up more momentum as he asks leaders to create greener jobs and save the planet in a recent video.
Scientists Say They've Solved Dirty Rain MysteryMeteorologists at Washington State University say dust from a dry lake bed in Oregon got mixed with rain clouds, causing the dirty rain that fell in parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
Feds To Announce Sage Grouse Deal With Oregon RanchersThe Obama administration has reached an agreement with Oregon ranchers to protect sage grouse that the ranchers hope will help avoid having the bird listed by the federal government as an endangered species.
Mysterious Goo Blamed In San Francisco Bay Bird DeathsAbout 100 birds in the San Francisco Bay Area have been discovered with their feathers coated with a mysterious substance that looks and feels like rubber cement.
Environmentalists Lose Ally In Congress With Boxer RetiringEnvironmental advocates will lose an ally in Congress when Barbara Boxer leaves the Senate at the end of her term in 2016 after more than three decades in office.
Study: 270,000 Tons Of Plastic Floating In World's OceansResearchers estimate the more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic would fill over 38,500 garbage trucks.
With Sea Ice Melting, Coast Guard Proposing New Shipping Lanes To The ArcticAs global warming causes Arctic ice to melt, the Coast Guard is working on creating new shipping lanes so vessels can safely travel through the now open waters.

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