Oregon Man Charged With Firing Gun Through His Door, Hitting House Across The StreetAn Oregon man has been accused of firing his handgun through his front door and hitting the house across the street.
Senate Passes Bill To Regulate Medical Marijuana A measure to overhaul the state's medical marijuana system cleared the Senate Saturday as the state moves to merge that largely unregulated market with the still-developing legal recreational market.
Wash. Lawmakers May Miss Another Major DeadlineWashington lawmakers may not complete their work on time — again. This time, the stakes are getting higher.
Ore. House Backs Popular Vote To Elect PresidentThe Oregon House has voted to join a movement seeking to elect the president by the national popular vote.
Unlucky Ore. Home Hit Twice By 2 Different Drivers One unlucky Aloha home has been the crash-landing site of two different people suspected of drunken driving.
Opinion: Ballots Full Of WomenWhile Mitt Romney talks about binders full of women, Democrats have ballots full of women.
Opinion: Romney's Desperation Showing In Final Days Of CampaignAs the campaign draws to a close it has become very apparent that Obama will return to the White House and that Harry Reid will lead a Democratic Senate.
Guide to WA State Everett Fall Homeshow Septemer 28 - 30Coming to Comcast Arena in Everett, it's the 8th annual Washington State Everett Fall Home Show! On September 28, 29 and 50 you'll get to see and meet folks from hundreds of local businesses ready to help you update, repair or decorate your home!

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