Idaho House Passes Presidential Primary Election BillThe Idaho House has endorsed a $2 million proposal to move presidential primary elections to March, despite staunch opposition from lawmakers who say taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for associated political events.
Oregon House Votes To Outlaw Hunting With DronesLawmakers in the Oregon House agree unanimously that drones should not be used for hunting or fishing.
Montana Lawmakers Consider Bill Criminalizing Careless Gun HandlingMontana lawmakers are considering a bill to make careless gun handling a criminal offense.
Gay Protections Bill Held By Idaho Legislative PanelIdaho lawmakers have essentially killed a bill that would create protections for gay and lesbian people, once again blocking attempts by gay rights supporters to amend the state's anti-discrimination law.
5 Things To Watch In The State Legislature This YearWashington lawmakers return to the Capitol on Monday, and while they don't have to grapple with a budget shortfall for the first time in several years, they still face pressing issues over funding for education and transportation.
Wash. Lawmakers Adjourn, End Grueling YearWashington lawmakers adjourned for the year Saturday, bringing an end to a grueling six months of work that included two overtime sessions needed to resolve budget disputes.
Advocates File Gun Control InitiativeAdvocates seeking to expand the use of background checks on gun sales have filed a ballot initiative.
Wash. Lawmakers Heading To Extended SessionWith just one day before the end of session, Washington lawmakers slogged through a handful of lingering bills Saturday but appeared to make little progress toward the ultimate goal of a final budget agreement.