Seattle Launches Pot-Prevention Effort Aimed At TeensMore than two years after Washington legalized marijuana, community groups in Seattle are launching a citywide effort aimed at preventing use of marijuana and other drugs by teens.
Washington State Looks To Share Marijuana Taxes With CitiesUnder bills introduced in both houses in Olympia, the state would share a chunk of its marijuana tax revenue with cities and counties — but only if they allow approved marijuana businesses in their jurisdictions. It's an approach that has worked to some degree in Colorado, said Kevin Bommer, deputy director of the Colorado Municipal League.
Alaska Measure To Leaglize Pot Ahead In Returns
Oregon, Alaska Are Ground Zero In Pot FightBackers of the legal-pot ballot measures in both states have a challenge that their predecessors in Colorado and Washington state didn't face two years ago — increasing turnout of young voters in a midterm election.
Legal Pot Grows Add New Demand To Northwest Power GridRegional power planners say indoor marijuana grow operations in Washington state could need as much electricity over the next two decades equal to what a small Northwest city consumes.
Legal Or Not, The Pot Business Is Still WackyThe tangle of rules and regulations that govern whether and how it can be grown, bought and sold create complexity and ambiguity that cause major headaches for marijuana businesses — and enticing opportunities for those who want to exploit it.
Cannabis Cuisine Rises In Wake Of Legalization Cannabis cuisine is a small niche in the culinary world but one that is drawing more interest as the legalization movement moves pot closer to the mainstream.
$3.8 Million In 1st Month Of Washington Post SalesDuring the first month of legal marijuana sales in Washington state, stores sold just under $3.8 million, which is expected to bring in more than $1 million in state taxes.

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