Medical Examiner: 3 Skulls Donated To Thrift StoreOfficials in Washington state are searching for the person who donated three human skulls to a thrift store in a Seattle suburb.
12,600-Year-Old Remains Of Child Reburied In MontanaThe DNA taken from the boy was the oldest genome ever recovered from the New World
Thousands Attend Native American Environmental Leader Billy Frank Jr.'s FuneralThousands of people attended a funeral service for Billy Frank Jr., the Nisqually tribal elder who fought for Native American fishing rights.
Best Day Trips For Under $100 In The Seattle AreaNestled between the Cascade Mountains to the east and Puget Sound on the west, the Seattle area is filled with opportunities for day trips under $100.
Native American mascots challenged in Washington StateThe state Board of Education is making another attempt at encouraging Washington schools to replace their Native American mascots.
Blind Native American Sues Hospital For Alleged KKK Letters Carved Into StomachA lawyer for a Native American man who claims the letters KKK were carved into his stomach during surgery has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the South Dakota hospital where the operation took place, the hospital's board of directors and others.
Western WA Tribes Say Fishing Rights at RiskWestern WA Native American tribes say their treaty rights with the U.S. are at risk because the region is losing habitat that salmon need to survive. They say their treaty rights won't mean much if there's no salmon to harvest, and they're warning the federal government that they could resort to court action if more isn't done.

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