Plan Advances To Dig Up Now-Stalled BerthaThe new tunnel would allow workers to dig up and repair the now-stuck boring machine
Bertha Will Not Dig Again Until March 2015Bertha, the machine boring the State Route 99 tunnel in Seattle, will not resume digging until the end of March 2015 and that the tunnel will not open until November 2016, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.
Seattle Viaduct Sinks Half-Inch Near New Tunnel The Alaskan Way Viaduct has sunk nearly half-an-inch at one location where a machine has been boring a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle.
Seattle Tunneling Operations On Hold Yet Again Seattle's massive tunneling operation is on hold yet again due to ongoing problems with the world's largest boring machine, officials said Friday.
Tunnel Boring Machine To Restart The giant machine digging a highway tunnel under Seattle is expected to resume light work this week, but officials still don't know what stopped the giant drill for nearly two months, the Washington State Transportation Department said late Monday.
3-Foot Chunk Stuck In Tunneling Machine Crews have found a hard object more than 3 feet wide lodged in the tunneling machine that's currently stalled 60 feet under the city of Seattle, officials said Wednesday.
Steel Pipe In The Way Of Seattle Tunnel Machine The state Department of Transportation said Friday the 8-inch-diameter pipe was discovered protruding through an opening in the machine's cutter-head.
Seattle Tunnel Boring Machine Still Stalled The huge machine drilling a highway tunnel under downtown Seattle remains stalled by a mysterious blockage.

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