5 Extreme Summertime Dates

August 11, 2014 5:00 AM

If your dating life feels stuck in a rut, an adrenaline boost is just the ticket for revving up your couple time. You’ll feel the rush on one of these high-energy, adventure-packed extreme dates.

Whitewater Rafting

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

Nothing compares to the thrill of working together to navigate the rapids, so sign up yourself and a date up for a whitewater rafting experience. Most rafting runs will involve some relaxing downtime when you can take in the scenery and chat with your date, plus some heart-pounding stretches when you’ll pour your all into paddling your way through the rapids.

Start your whitewater adventure by seeking out a professional outfitter, who will guide you safely down the river and provide the necessary equipment. Bring along a waterproof disposable camera to record the memories of your exhilarating date.

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Sky Diving

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

Which provides the more amazing rush: falling in love or falling from a plane? Go sky diving, and you can decide for yourself.

If this is your first sky diving experience, you’ll need to start with training. Sign up as a couple for a training course, so you’ll both be ready to make your first jump at the same time. Initial ground courses usually last for a few hours and are followed by an assisted jump. If you’d prefer to have a shorter training period, look for a location that offers tandem jumps, during which the new sky diver is harnessed to a professional for the entire experience.

Locations that offer sky diving experiences are called drop zones, and the United States Parachute Association sets stringent safety standards for them. The organization maintains a list of member drop zones.


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Photo Credit Thinkstock

An increasingly popular sport, stand up paddleboarding is a full-body workout and an enjoyable way to spend a day on the water.

Despite the specific name, stand up paddleboarding is flexible. You can stand and paddle, but you can also choose to kneel or sit and relax. Plus, it’s easy to learn, and both you and your date can become successful at it in as little as an hour.

For your date, you might not be interested in making a large investment in gear, but equipment, such as a board and a paddle, can often be rented from surf shops. Don’t forget to wear a personal floatation device, too!

Rock Climbing

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

You’ll build up your trust in each other as you rely on one another’s assistance at an indoor rock climbing gym.

If climbing is a new experience for both of you, it’s a good idea to start your date with an introductory class, but if one of you has experience, you can help the other along. Most gyms offer multiple challenge levels in their climbing areas, so there’s something for everyone.

Indoor rock climbing offers the benefits of a controlled climate, the assistance of professionals and equipment for rent. Of course, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, outdoor rock climbing is a good summer alternative.

Zip Lining

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

Experience the outdoors in a whole new way as you view it from above on a zip line. You’ll each be harnessed in and securely connected to an inclined cable before sliding down the line.

Depending on the location you choose, you may take a single trip down the wire or sign up for a zip line tour. A tour is typically a several-hour experience, during which you’ll go on multiple lines. Some tours also involve additional challenge features, such as suspension bridges or high ropes courses. Tours may even include dual lines, so you and your date can race down parallel cables.

Not only will extreme dates will get your adrenaline racing and your heart pounding, but they’ll also teach you to work together and trust one another. These five adventures are thrilling experiences that the two of you will never forget.

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