This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19. There are so many great gifts to get dad, but finding one he will truly enjoy can be a little daunting. To help with the gift-giving process, local resident, business owner and father of two Brad Hall shares tips on what dad might want for Father’s Day. Here are his top five tips for Father’s Day gifts that are sure to impress.
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Brad Hall is father to a son and daughter, as well as a lifelong Washington resident, born and raised in Tacoma, WA. He has owned and operated many different types of businesses over the years. His most recent venture, Magic’s Custom Cycle, is a motorcycle repair and customization shop where his son works by his side. As a father and a lifelong Seattle-area resident, Brad has a few tips of what fathers will want to receive this Father’s Day.

A Mariners Game Followed By A BBQ At Home

At the top of Brad’s list is a nice day at a Mariners game with all of his family, followed by a relaxing BBQ at home to end the day. This year, the Mariners will be playing the Red Sox out of town on Father’s Day; however, the family could gather around the big screen to watch the game, which starts at 10:35 a.m. Another great option is to buy dad a ticket to a future home game to attend together. The Mariners are set to play three games with the Cardinals the following weekend after Father’s Day, starting on June 24.

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A Motorcycle To Enjoy With Family

As a bike enthusiast, Brad highly recommends looking into purchasing a motorcycle that allows dad to go riding with his family or friends. Buying a motorcycle is also a great way to start a new chapter in a person’s life and is really a customizable gift, depending on what dad loves to do. Maybe dad loves to get a little dirty and would love to buzz around a gritty track on a dirt bike to let off some steam, or if taking a leisurely ride is more his style, a road bike is another option. There are many different places to purchase new or used motorcycles, and your options really depend on what make, model and type you’re interested in.

Upgrade His Motorcycle

Like Brad, if your dad already has a motorcycle, the next best thing is customization. Brad’s first suggestion comes in the form of an engine upgrade because he believes a man always wants more power. According to Brad, more power brings bragging rights. Technically speaking, an engine upgrade also brings a more efficiently running motor. Brad’s second suggestion is to get a new paint job on dad’s bike; not only will people hear dad coming on his bike, they’ll also be able to admire the shiny, new eye candy passing by.

Vacation Hauler To Enjoy With Family

Brad knows the importance of getting away and taking a vacation with family, and his fourth suggestion involves purchasing a vacation hauler that meets everyone’s needs. In his case, he and his son would love to take their motorcycles out together while on vacation. Whether the family enjoys riding motorcycles, riding three-and-four wheelers, kayaking, surfing or paddle-boarding, a toy hauler with living quarters is a great idea for the active family. Dad will love it because he and his family will be comfortable, and they’ll be able to take all their toys along with them to enjoy on the trip.

Camping Gear

Even if dad already has camping gear, some of it may need to be replaced or upgraded. Perhaps a new, more portable camp cooking stove is in order? Or, how about a new tent that sets up in less than five minutes? Perhaps dad is tired of sleeping on the ground and would prefer to use a camping cot? There are so many great items related to camping that not only make the experience enjoyable, but also more comfortable.

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