Seattle is a sports town, and there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate a game while fans stand behind their team. The Spitfire specializes in sports and politics. Their sports gear includes a 140-inch projection screen television to view the games, and they show all the Seahawks games. Gearing up for the big game (the Super Bowl), they will be opening  at 8 a.m. for fans.
Jay Schmidtke
2219 4th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98121
206) 441-7966

Jay Schmidtke is the general manager for Spitfire. He oversees the planning and execution of game day food and events. His job is to make sure parties are “set up for success.” He makes sure the flow of food and drinks fits the needs of the party or group happening at Spitfire or with outside catered events. He also notes that it is important to make sure everyone gets home safely after the day of food, drinks and cheering.

The Viewing Platform Is Everything!

The viewing platform includes the television, and access to the game via cable. The size of the television depends on the number of people in attendance for the big game. A minimum size would be 40 inches, though bigger is better. The more people attending the party means the larger screen is required. The idea is for everyone to see the game, and be able to follow all the details of the plays. The other part of this is the cable or the source of the programming. The worst thing that could happen would be cable interruptions during major plays. The game is built on the details and artistry of the plays on the field, and every party member should be able to see these clearly without the picture breaking up.

Must Have Food

Whether serving traditional food or vegetarian, it is very important to have enough food for the entire event. Equally important is to have food for everyone in attendance. Traditional fare includes wings, nachos and appetizers. Not everyone eats meat, and some have food allergies. It’s important to include menu items that attendees with restricted dietary intake can eat and feel a part of the party. The amount of food should be for the entire Super Bowl, including pre-game and after-game shows. Food helps keep the party members from becoming drunk.

Cold Brews & Drinks

What is a game without beer, ale or other drinks? Most of the domestic brands of beer have a lower alcoholic content, which means that more can be drunk without becoming drunk. The other way to control the intake of alcohol without being over-bearing is to make an alcoholic punch for the event. It is important to have enough cold brews and drinks for everyone throughout the entire day. It is handy to place the beverages in a cooler of ice. It’s good to include non-alcoholic beverages for guests who do not drink alcohol. Also, depending on the group, the host may want to take car keys prior to the festivities to make sure everyone gets home safe.

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Create The Right Atmosphere

Creating the “right” atmosphere is important. One of the critical items to consider is seating. Is there enough seating for all the invitees? Does the host want to have people stand and/or sit? This varies between hosts and parties. Another aspect of the atmosphere is what music is played before the game, at half-time, and after the game. Or, do the guests want to watch the pre-game and post-game shows? It’s good to have an idea of how the day is going to run, and put the ideas into play through-out the day.

Remember The Theme Of The Team

What’s a football party without the theme of the team? An example would be to have Skittles for a Seahawk game. Skittles are associated with Marshawn Lynch, therefore, it would be one of the themes for the Seahawks. Other teams have their own defining traditions, and bringing that into the decor of the party makes it fun. Decor could include the team colors, face paint available for guests to use, mascots and other items. The theme could include guests wearing team shirts to cheer on their favorite player. This is only limited by budget or imagination.

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