This year’s fall fashion trends are abundant and combine some old favorites you may have seen before, with hip, new ways to wear them and accessorize them. Whether you are putting together a fall look for the office, a night out on the town or just something for casual everyday wear, these expert tips from a Seattle fashion stylist will help you create several new outfits for a number of occasions.

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Styled.Seattle is a premier fashion styling and fashion consulting business that works with both men and women seeking assistance in updating their wardrobe and fashion sense. Not only will Styled.Seattle find the latest fashion trends that suit your personal style, body shape and personality, it will provide these services within your budget. Styled.Seattle founder and wardrobe stylist Darcy Camden strives to “harness the power of personal style” for each of her clients. Camden works as both a fashion consultant to male and female clients, and also provides expert advice for a number of Pacific Northwest magazines and television shows focused on fashion style and the latest trends.

Grunge and gender blending is back in

The 90s slick grunge look is back for this fall and for women, pairs a gender-blending oversized men’s coat or a motorcycle jacket with a longer, gypsy-style dress. Accessorize with some dangling earrings and a pair of comfortable flats or clogs for work or a casual day look, or chic boots if you are planning a night out.

You can never go wrong with monochrome

No matter what the seasonal trends are for fall and winter, you can never go wrong with monochrome colors, whether they are solids or flirty prints. For both men and women, you can pair separates together and create a uniform look of black, white and shades of gray. Monochrome prints are also hot right now. For men, they can be worn in the form of a dress shirt or tie, and for the ladies, try geometric-print dresses, skirts and blouses. The all black or all white outfit with a hint of color is always a winning look, as well.

If you’re bold, go bright and mix it up

Another fall look that is in this year is wearing bold, bright colors like royal blues, emerald greens, hot pinks and brilliant teals and turquoises. Choose bright separates to wear with print tops, pants or skirts, or for the ladies, a brightly colored dress paired with a larger, accenting belt and necklace that make a statement. Another way to go bold this fall is to pair opposite fabrics together. For example, try a leather skirt or pair of pants with an oversized, flowing shirt made of silk.

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Faux fur and more blasts from the past

Some other past trends making a comeback are from way back in the past. The faux fur coats and faux fur collars on coats and sweaters are back in style. They are cozy looking for fall and as long as they are faux fur, we are keeping the animal population and environment in tact. Also, look for old-style petticoat tops and dresses from the 50s and 60s, full-flared skirts from the 20s flapper era and 70s-style mini- and full-length sweater dresses.

Complete your look with accessories, bags and shoes

Your fall look and outfits wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories, so be sure to wear wider belts with longer blouses, sweaters and dresses, as well as bold message necklaces, hair jewelry and the old-school knit hats that stand tall on your head. Handbags that are in style for this fall include a faux crocodile texture, the smaller, squished looking bags that are compact and cute and the double bag that is held together by one chain. The men’s shoes pick for this fall are the ever popular oxford loafers, while women’s fall trends range from pointed-toe heels, comma heels, second-skin boots and over-the-knee boots.

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