Annette Bond has decades of experience advising Seattle women in personal style. Her passion for styling began in 1983 while working at a small boutique and led eventually to a position as a personal style consultant with Macy’s. Annette’s styling approach includes color, skincare and makeup consulting to complete the look. Annette recommends that you optimize your closet by starting with basic foundation pieces to complement your body type and—perhaps most importantly—fit you well (tailored if necessary). To these foundational pieces, you add clothing and accessories that inspire you, in colors that make you come alive and styles that create your personal statement.

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Annette’s approach is to create a personal style of basic pieces, which you can accessorize depending on mood, occasion, season and trend. You always have something fabulous to wear, to inspire you and strengthen your spirit. Of course, every season there are new—and old—trends to consider. Annette describes five popular trends in 2014 that have staying power. Expect these trends to remain fashionable well into the new year and beyond. You may want to consider some of these trends to augment your basic wardrobe.

Classic plaid in updated colors

Plaid is of course a classic print that has been around for years. Plaid resurfaced in fall 2014, but in new and exciting ways. New color combinations and new patterns give the classic print a fresh, up-to-date look that can enliven any wardrobe. There are many ways to incorporate plaid, from coats and dresses, to pants, skirts and shirts. If you want something more subtle, consider shoes, a scarf or the lining of a fabulous coat.

Beyond basic wool overcoat

The black or camel wool overcoat is a basic wardrobe staple that keeps you cozy and fashionable through winter. This year, it’s the fabric, design, texture and bold colors that make the wool overcoat stand out in more ways than one. It’s not just a basic anymore—you have choices that expose your personal style and make a fantastic first impression.

Gray, a natural wardrobe lifter

It doesn’t get much classier than the classic gray. As anyone who lives in Seattle knows, there are at least 50 shades of gray in our skies on any given day. It’s a calming and relaxing color that pairs well with most skin tones. Make gray your new black this season. We will continue to see a softer tone of gray this spring.

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Break away from solids with patterned knits

Take a break from your basic solids and discover pattern and texture. Patterned knits are pieces that can be worn on its own and make a statement in a simple kind of way. And it doesn’t stop at sweaters and hats. There are scarves, wraps, leggings and socks, too. So be sure to check out the latest trends in knitwear. You may find something fun to enhance your personal style and warm up your wardrobe in a very fashionable way.

Time to try animal prints

Animal prints are nothing new. But this season, we’re seeing refined animal prints that have been tamed. They’re small and quiet. We love our classic brown/gold animal print that pops up every season but these newer, refined prints are for the women who have been thinking of giving it a try but were still a little hesitant.

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