Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a book good. However, many readers find themselves frustrated trying to find others with the same passions for books. Fortunately, those who live in Seattle have many places to find their book-loving soul mate. Here are just five of best.

Pacific Northwest Great Books Groups

Various locations

The Pacific Northwest Great Books Council (PNBBDC) is part of the larger organization, Great Book Association. The PNGBC has been meeting in Seattle for about 50 years, not only discussing classic literature but also modern fiction and non-fiction. Each group meets once a month at various locations throughout Seattle with group leaders who don’t join in on the discussions, but rather draw out discussions from all attendees. Readings are typically 15-20 pages in length.

Sue’s Book Groups for Kids
Mockingbird Books
7220 N.E. Woodlawn Ave.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 518-5886

Here’s a group to be jealous of. Sue Nevin of Mockingbird Books organizes four different reading groups geared toward children. Each group meets once a month. All begin at 7 p.m. with free pizza and perhaps a veggie tray, because everyone can think better on a full stomach. The four groups are:

  • Girls Book Group (ages 6-10) every third Wednesday
  • Graphic Novel Book Group (ages 7-10) every second Friday
  • Boys Book Group (ages 11-14) every third Friday
  • Mother/Daughter book group (6-8th graders) every third Tuesday

Book Club of Washington
Various locations
(206) 914-12314

Since 1982, the Book Club of Washington has focused on collecting and preserving the written word through various activities including “meet and greet” events, education classes, hosting events that honor and appreciate the value of books and supporting local libraries. This group is perfect for those who have an interest in book collecting, but don’t really know where to begin.

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Bushwick Book Club of Seattle
Various locations

The Bushwick Book Club is far from typical as it is made up of musicians who gather together to share their combined passion for both music and literature. Every month, the group offers up numerous performances at various locations throughout the Puget Sound. For each performance, a book is chosen which is read by the musicians. Then, they write original music based on what they read. Each performance is one of a kind. The group also offers programs for teens as well.

Books on the Bus
Various locations

The prize for the most unique book club in Seattle goes to Books on the Bus. It is a book club that is constantly in motion, literally. With each book the group reads, they are making travel time for commuters a little more pleasant. Each quarter, the group decides on a book for participants to read on their own while riding to and from work. Then, a meeting is planned to discuss the book together. In addition, this group may strike up conversations with strangers on the bus who are reading the same book as you, so keep an eye out for them. Sign up here.

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