Best Burgers In Seattle

December 8, 2010 2:36 PM


Nothing says American cuisine more than the good old fashioned burger and fries. This simple item has continued to grow in popularity since the 1950’s despite an equally growing of number of studies citing the bad effects of such high-fat foods. Nevertheless, while just about everyone in Seattle can agree that the burger is a staple, we don’t all agree on whose burger is the best. Is it Red Mill Burgers or Dick’s Drive In or the Lunchbox Laboratory? Maybe Zippy’s? One thing is for sure, there are some amazing burgers in Seattle.
redmill Best Burgers In Seattle


Red Mill Burgers

312 N 67th St
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 284-6363

Red Mill Burgers (Interbay)
1613 W Dravus St
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 284-6363

It never seems to matter the time or the day that I go to the Phinney Ridge Red Mill, reports are that it always packed with long lines. They offer giant slices of bacon, avacado, multiple cheeses, chili peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and several different kinds of buns. Chicken or beef and a very tasty veggie burger are offered. The real hit with loyalists is the onion rings, so make sure you don’t pass those up.

Lunchbox Laboratory

7302 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 706-3092

Not the cheapest or healthiest lunch you’ll ever have, but everyone will tell you it’s amazing food. Mainly burgers, but they do have other options. The mac and cheese is also a fan favorite. The sides are great and definitely try a milkshake; it’s said that they’re not your typical milkshake. Several customers have said that the Lunchbox is a great Saturday hangover lunch.

zippy Best Burgers In Seattle


Zippy’s Giant Burgers

1513 Sw Holden St
Seattle, WA 98106
(206) 763-1347

The burgers are slightly charred and arrive very promptly. Although there are few tables in Zippy’s, it’s more of a place where you’d want to get takeout and enjoy the burger at home or in a park. The decor is mostly old vintage fast food ads. It looks like the place is more like what fast food used to be like before all the fast food places started supersizing everything.

dicks Best Burgers In Seattle


Dick’s Drive-in (Capitol Hill)

115 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 323-1300

Dick’s Drive-In
111 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 632-5125

California may have its “In-n-outs”, New York its “Shake Shack,” but Seattle has Dick’s. The low prices match the era of which this little drive-in style eatery reminds one.  Quick and courteous service, reasonable prices, and a cool old school vibe. Dick’s Deluxe seems to be the consensus favorite, and make sure you wash it down old fashioned drugstore milkshake.

Honorable Mentions:

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
621 Union St (6th Avenue)
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 395-2398

17181 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 497-8809

Elliott Bay Brewery
4720 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 932-8695

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