There are few comfort foods as satisfying as mac and cheese. Do you prefer yours gooey or with a crust? Let the debate begin. Our list of the best places to get macaroni and cheese in Seattle includes Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Icon Grill, Kingfish Cafe, Purple Cafe and West 5.


Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

1600 Pike PlSeattle, WA 98101

Ok, they even call  it the “World’s Best.” Lots of folks agree, including Oprah Winfrey, who called it one of her Ultimate Favorite Things during her farewell 2010 season. While visiting the shop, you’ll get an eyeful of cheesemakers working their trade. The mac’s made with penne pasta, two of Beecher’s handmade cheeses, a touch of garlic and chipotle chili powder. It it all right if we call it “crack and cheese?”


Icon Grill

1933 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Theit “Ultimate” mac uses four cheeses (Velveeta(!), white and yellow cheddar, gruyere), has a crusty top, and some diced tomato. Some may scoff at the inclusion of Velveeta, but somehow the dish comes together brilliantly.


West 5 Lounge & Restaurant

4539 California Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116

This retro spot serves up a decidedly decadent mac – there are five cheeses in it. You can customize it as well, so if you want to tweak it this way or that, feel free to tell your server. We like it with bacon. The texture is on the gooey side, fyi. The pasta choice is a bit unusual – they use armoniche, leveraging its craggy nooks as a means to capture all the cheesy goodness. P.S. – they make a mean Mai Tai.

Kingfish Cafe

602 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

When it comes to comfort food, the Kingfish Cafe is all in and then some!  True Southern dishes litter the menu, but it’s their take on Mac and Cheese on a cold day that fully embraces Southern Hospitality.  Two cheeses, onion and a touch of mushroom makes this concoction a down home favorite.

Purple Cafe And Wine Bar

1225 4th AVe
Seattle, Wa 98101

Want to amp it up just a few notches?  At Purple, they crank it up to 11 with a Mac and Cheese laced with Gruyère and LOBSTER!  Campanelle noodles are the platform along with the creamy cheese and lobster that are baked to perfection and then served to you in pure heaven.  A suggested wine flight along with this is sure to make your visit memorable.