With Washington State’s storied history of farms and agriculture, it’s no wonder that the Seattle area has some of the best petting zoos around. Seattle’s best petting zoos feature pony rides, a chance to get up close and personal with farm animals and opportunities to see what a working farm may have looked like in the past – and what they look like today. Whether you’ve never met a farm animal before or you’ve been visiting petting zoos for years, spending time with friendly farm animals is an unforgettable experience for children of all ages. Watch the goats and sheep have lunch at Woodland Park’s petting zoo or take a pony ride after visiting with the curious menagerie at Fox Hollow or Forest Park Animal Farm. From Woodland Park to the foothills of the “Issaquah Alps” and from Everett to verdant Redmond, there’s a petting zoo for every animal lover.
Woodland Park Zoo
5500 Phinney Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 548-2500

The Woodland Park Zoo is the home of lions, tigers and bears, but what really makes young children say “Oh my!” is the opportunity to interact with friendly domesticated animals. Have you ever joined a goat for lunch or watched a bunny retrieve objects? Children can meet sociable rabbits, playful pigs, gregarious goats and more at Woodland Park’s petting zoo. Children can pet the goats and rabbits, learn about basic animal care from zookeepers and have fun in a designated play area.

Fox Hollow Family Farm
12031 Issaquah-Hobart Road S.E.
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 996-0575

Nestled in the foothills of the “Issaquah Alps,” Fox Hollow Family Farm is a picturesque property flanked by mountains, tall trees and lush fields. Fox Hollow is an enjoyable day trip for family members of all ages, featuring a child-sized train at the Squak Mountain Station, a barn complete with a hayloft and a petting zoo featuring a wide array of animals. Children can get up close and personal with cats and kittens, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, peacocks, miniature horses and even take a pony ride or two. The farm also features beautiful gardens, a meandering creek and plenty of areas to have a picnic.

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park
19545 N.E. Redmond Road
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 556-2300

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park features 68 acres of sprawling fields, nature trails to walk, bike and ride, play areas and picnic sites. The center of the park houses a pony riding area and petting zoo, complete with cows, pigs, goats, turkeys, ponies and horses. In addition to helping children get to know farm animals, the park also has pony ride classes, a preschool and summer day camps.

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Kelsey Creek Farm Park
410 130th Place S.E.
Bellevue, WA 98008
(425) 452-7688

Located in the heart of Bellevue, the sights, sounds and smells of Kelsey Creek Farm transport you back to a far simpler time. With its white fences, red barns and rolling hills, Kelsey Creek is the perfect place for family members of all ages to come face to face with friendly farm animals. Fashioned in 1930s style, this working farm features cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and ponies. While the farm doesn’t allow children to pet the animals, it does have hands-on classes for children ages two and over. The farm also has picnic tables, walking paths and open spaces to relax.

Forest Park Animal Farm
802 E. Mukilteo Blvd.
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 257-8300

With its sprawling fields, numerous farms and temperate climate, it’s easy to see why agriculture is one of Snohomish County’s leading industries – and at Forest Park Animal Farm, children can get up close and personal with many of these animals. Located in Everett, Washington, Forest Park Animal Farm is the home of cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and numerous other farm animals. Children will enjoy spending time with the farm’s playful young goats, gentle cows and curious ducks and chickens. The Farm features free pony rides for children ages two and older, forested walking paths and a swimming pool.

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