Many will associate tap dancing with older movies featuring Fred Astaire and the like, but the art form has had a resurgence in popularity with both older and younger generations. Seattle is home to numerous dance studios with many now offering tap dance lessons for beginners to seasoned pros and for young children up to senior citizens! Here are five of the best locations to get your tapping away.
Anthony Peters’ Tap Dance Seattle
6600 1st Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 729-7620

After 40 years of performing and teaching at tap dance festivals, Anthony Peters returned home to open Anthony Peters’ Tap Dance Seattle with his former partner Cheryl Johnson. Located in the Greenlake neighborhood, Peters and crew is on hand to help beginners and seasoned professional tap dancers. Children as young as five and adults of any age can learn to tap dance. All you need to start is a pair of tap shoes and registration for one of the classes which are held all year long.

Century Ballroom
915 E. Pine St.
Seattle WA 98122
(206) 324-7263

Created in 1997, Century Ballroom is a community of dancing teachers wanting to teach anyone who wants to learn how to dance. They go by the motto that dancing should be fun and go out of their way to make their classes as fun as it should be. They also know that not all dance form fit every person, so if it turns out that tap dancing isn’t for you, chances are, they offer an alternative that is. They also have a goal to keep their prices low as an incentive for dancers to come out more often. Century Ballroom offers adult tap dance classes for all skill levels.

Vibe Dance Studio
13018 39th Ave. S.E.
Everett WA 98208
(425) 669-1456

Located in a brand new 5,000-square-foot facility, Vibe Dance Studio featured custom sprung dance floors and air conditioned studio for ultimate comfort. Vibe offers a 45-minute class that will help dancers find their rhythm while learning proper tap technique and terminology. There are seven tap dance classes available for youth age six and older and one adult tap class which is for any level, but special attention is given to beginning and intermediate students.

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All That Dance
8507 35th Ave N.E.,
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-8944

All That Dance has a lofty goal of becoming a center that offers top notch dance instruction for kids, teenagers and adults regardless of age, skill level, experience, shape, size, or background. They believe that tap dancing isn’t just an art form, but that it is also a good way to develop rhythm, coordination, and muscle control, which are skills that will benefit all forms of dance. It is also a fun way to express yourself.

414 N.E. 72nd St.
Seattle, WA  98115
(206) 949-8643

Located just two blocks from the shores of Greenlake, eXit SPACE likes to point out that their dance studio is nearby plenty of local coffee shops, which just might be the motivation for some to choose them over another dance studio. The studio offers both youth and adult classes in a supportive environment so that dancers can really appreciate the art of dance.

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