Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

July 31, 2013 5:00 AM


If you’re an athlete that is readying to take on an opponent in a three-hour bout, you might consider a tightly controlled regime of what you eat prior to the game. It’s an important balance. You need enough calories to give you sustained energy but not too many to slow you down as you run around the bases or up and down the field. Fortunately, as a sports fan you don’t have those concerns. The only concern you should have is where you can satisfy your growing appetite before all of the action begins. Here are a few restaurants guaranteed to hit a home run when it comes to making sure you are fully sated before you cheer on your favorite team.

sport Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

Sport Restaurant & Bar (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Sport Restaurant & Bar
140 4th Ave. N., Suite 130
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 404-7768

With nearly 40 TVs spread throughout this restaurant, you are guaranteed not to miss any of the pre-game action. The centerpiece to all of this wall-to-wall sports coverage is a 130” high definition TV that definitely commands your attention. The other thing that commands attention at Sport Restaurant & Bar is the food coming out of the kitchen. You can get the sports classics like chicken wings and a cold draught from the bar. Or you can mix it up a bit and get ready for the game with a big ol’ bowl of New Orleans-style chicken jambalaya. You’ll be a winner either way.

met Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

Metropolitan Grill (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Metropolitan Grill
820 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-3287

This place is a fan favorite. Big steaks, big burgers and if you are attending during happy hour, you’re also going to score some big deals including a big juicy burger that comes draped in cheddar and swiss cheese, caramelized onions and other fixings. Plus, with parking at such a premium so close to the stadium, you can drop off your car at the valet, enjoy your meal and then walk to the stadium. You can pick up your car after the game ends, but make sure the game doesn’t go into extra innings because once the restaurant closes, so does its garage.

safeco Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

The ‘Pen at Safeco Field (Credit, Jenise Silva)

The ‘Pen – Safeco Field
1250 1st Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134
(206) 346-4287

Why fight traffic before the game begins? Get to the ballpark early and take in batting practice while you enjoy a little nosh before the game begins. Fortunately, Safeco Field has elevated dining at the stadium to the next level. Considered to have some of the best food options of all of the MLB stadiums, The ‘Pen at Safeco offers up fare from some of the best chefs in Seattle. Sink your teeth into Mexican tortas, a Northwest grass-fed hamburger and frites or a slice of New Haven-style pizza. Sure, you can still get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and the street food lining the stadium can’t be beat. But if you’re looking for a full meal deal that equals that of some of the neighboring restaurants, The ‘Pen cannot be beat.

tp Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

Toulouse Petit (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Toulouse Petit
601 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 432-9069

This joint jumps even when there’s not a game at the Key. But come game day, sports fans search out this restaurant for some flavors that are sure to match the intensity of the upcoming game. Voted one of the 10 best happy hours in the nation, fans rave about the beef and lamb sliders (not to mention the spicy cajun meatloaf sliders) as well as the long list of tempting signature cocktails.

anh Best Places To Eat Before The Game In Seattle

Pho Viet Ahn (Credit, Jenise Silva)

Pho Viet Ahn
372 Roy St.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 352-1881

Maybe you’re looking for a quieter space that offers up a little pre-game solace where you can fully focus on and enjoy your meal. Although it’s just a few blocks from Key Arena, you’ll feel like you’re miles away when stepping into Pho Viet Ahn. This modest restaurant sits quietly on a main thoroughfare and offers up big bowls of pho and other Vietnamese fare from the grill. The staff is incredibly friendly and efficient and the restaurant even has a few tables on its patio deck.  This place is both comforting in its food and its surroundings, so much so, that you’ll want to be careful not to get too relaxed and miss the start of the game.

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