Best Seattle Foodies to Follow On Twitter

September 5, 2012 11:00 AM

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twitter Best Seattle Foodies to Follow On Twitter

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Twitter is a useful tool for those looking to connect with the latest and greatest in anything their passionate about. For foodies, this includes staying up to date on restaurant openings, reviews, recipes and of course, the beer and bar scene. There are a ton of tweeters who just so happen to be foodies worth following in Seattle. From local food bloggers to restaurant owners, the Seattle twitterverse is blabbing away keeping Seattle foodies hungry for more.

Linda Miller Nicholson

Back in the day, June Cleaver was the quintessential house wife. Now they come in the form of Salty Seattle; with her great food, clever writing and a magnificent pair of stilettos. She is fierce and fabulous and writes the same way. Linda Miller Nicholson shares how to “bring the best of the farm to the hippest of tables” with style.

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Denise Sakaki

If stilettos are too much, follow Wasabi Prime for some good nibbles prepared by a home cook. Denise is all about being resourceful in the kitchen, using high end ingredients along with pre-packaged dinners in a box. This is referred to as “MacGyver Cooking,” as she puts it. Wasabi Primes’s tweets are fun, relaxed and entertaining.

Skillet Street Food

Skillet Street Food was one of the first food trucks to hit the streets of Seattle, only to be found by the tweets on Twitter. Now it is an enormous operation with two trucks and a diner, all built on two things: bacon and jam. Yes, that’s right; bacon and jam. Bacon rendered down to a savory paste, and spread on burgers, fries or fingers. Anything to get it into the mouth faster. Now the daily tweets lead us not only to the trucks, but also give us a heads up on the evolving menu. (Yes there is something other than bacon and jam!)

Where Ya At Matt

When going to New Orleans isn’t feasible, Where Ya At Matt is here to bring the Creole kitchen creations to the Seattle table. Cruising around Seattle in a bright orange truck, Matt is impossible to miss. But it isn’t the truck that people line up for, it’s the food. From beignets to gumbo to po’boys, this truck is serving up some amazing eats and tantalizing tweets. Tweeting the whereabouts of the truck and making the people of Seattle hungry with promises and pictures of food, Where Ya At Matt is fun to follow.

Scott Heimendinger

For those that want to learn a little something, follow Seattle Food Geek. He is smart, techy and extremely funny. As a Business Development Manager for Modernist Cuisine, he knows how to use the cooking gadgets with all the bells and whistles, and gets dinner on the table in under 15 minutes all while delivering witty tweets to his followers. Seattle wouldn’t be the same without him.

Brian Canlis

Besides being the third generation owner of Seattle’s Canlis Restaurant, Brian Canlis is also very good looking with a wonderful sense of humor. Running the most prestigious restaurant in town is a lot of pressure, and it turns out, a lot of fun. Along with tweets about the amazing work of his staff, Brian brings a very human element to a fancy place. He is a joy to follow.

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Denise LaCaille is a freelance writer living in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Washington and is passionate about the local food scene. Every weekend youll find her at farmers markets scouring for the freshest ingredients to create healthy dishes for her food blog she writes with her twin sister. Her work can be found at

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