Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. Do you have your gift for Mom picked out yet? While there is quite an overabundance of stores offering a multitude of options for Mom, there are some truly unique establishments that shouldn’t be missed. Of those, are these five local businesses near Seattle which will help anyone find a unique and thoughtful gift that’s just perfect for Mom.
Hello, Cupcake
1740 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 383-7772

For all the moms who have a little sweet tooth and crave something delightfully tasty in a small package, Hello, Cupcake is a great local shop to stop into and browse. When you walk into this charming little boutique, you are greeted with minimalist, yet quaint decoration that is slightly reminiscent of sitting out in the sun at a popular community park. From the charming bicycle greeting you at the door to the interesting and often intriguing “word of the day” board, patrons will find appeal in more than just the cupcakes. If mom is a real cupcake buff, Hello, Cupcake also has a reward program that offers a free mini cupcake for signing up, a free cupcake the month of a person’s birthday, and the award program lets people earn points in order to get free cupcakes on future visits.  Whether you’re looking to pick up a tasty dozen for mom on her special day or to host a party in her honor, Hello, Cupcake is the perfect local spot to peruse mouthwatering treats to share.

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Broadway Center For The Performing Arts
901 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 591-5890

If mom is interested in the fine arts, consider purchasing tickets to a musical performance or a celebrity show. No matter what mom enjoys, there are performances for everyone, such as those put on by the Tacoma Youth Symphony or the nationally-acclaimed chamber orchestra Northwest Sinfonietta. The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts also welcomes celebrity performances such as Buddy Guy, Arsenio Hall and even Mandy Patinkin.

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone at 253-591-5894/1-800-291-7593, or by visiting the box office. If Mom absolutely loves the fine arts, consider a season subscription, which not only gets her into some fantastic events but offers the best seating opportunities as well as additional savings on shows.

Olson’s Tack Shop
2105 140th Ave. N.E.
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 454-9453

Is Mom an equestrian at heart? If so, she’ll appreciate just about anything you pick up for her and her horse at Olson’s Tack Shop in Bellevue. Immediately upon entering this small business, you’re greeted with the rich aroma of leather that can only come from the high-quality English bridles, saddles and boots that adorn the walls. In the cozy interior of the store, the organized setup will help you find what you’re looking for easily, and if you need a little extra assistance, the helpful staff is more than willing to help you shop and find that perfect gift for Mom.

Portland Ave Nursery
1409 E. 59th St.
Tacoma, WA 98404
(253) 473-0194

If Mom loves to garden or she simply enjoys looking at her own yard full of beautiful flowers and trees, the Portland Ave Nursery should be on the list to visit. Bulbs, fragrant flowers, fruit trees and hanging baskets make this nursery a gem for anyone looking to find something special for Mom. In addition to the plethora of flora you can find at this nursery, there are also statues, decorative pots and wood furniture sure to capture anyone’s eye and to increase mom’s satisfaction with how her yard is decorated. In addition, the good prices and helpful staff are an added bonus, especially if shoppers don’t know much about plants or quite what they’re looking for.

Tinkertopia, LLC
1914 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98420
(253) 778-6539

For those moms who absolutely love arts and crafts, Tinkertopia offers a very unique take on the idea of crafting by marrying reusable items with creativity. The minute you walk into this quaint establishment, you are immediately thrust into various odds and ends that have been amassed for the creative mind. This isn’t your typical craft store because the premise behind the store is creatively finding a way to reuse normally unwanted items such as old neckties, microbiology lab science equipment, baseball cards and even miscellaneous photographs of real and random people.  Tinkertopia doesn’t just sell interesting items that have been donated — they also offer parties workshops and tinker-time for those who like to come in and put things together. This store is definitely the place to shop if you’re looking for interesting crafts or collectible items for Mom.

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Megan B. March lives in Tacoma, Washington with her husband and daughter and is a published author of adult fiction. She also writes articles about career management in Tacoma for Prior to changing careers to become a full-time Writer, she spent more than 10 years in the Human Resources (HR) field.